Based upon the article:  CASEY ANTHONY:  SHE DIDN’T DO IT by Peter Golenbock

The prosecution’s case in the Casey Anthony trial was so weak that she was famously acquitted of the most serious charges she faced after the jury deliberated for about 11 hours.  A lot of people following the case were shocked, but that’s because what they saw on TV was unsubstantiated guesswork and fanatical deceit.  And it wasn’t just HLN and Nancy Grace, it was almost all of the news channels on TV, the Internet, newspapers, and most egregiously social media.  No wonder people were shocked; they believed in a fantasy case that the prosecution never had.  In the court of public opinion, the so-called journalists of our world, declared Casey Anthony guilty from day 1.  The prosecution was unable to win in court, and make no mistake, they knew this, so they courted the media and used it to create an industry of Casey-haters working to affirm her guilt in people’s minds, no matter the evidence.  If you can’t win in court, destroy the defendant’s public image, cross your fingers that will cause you to win, and ride it to the bank and even public office.  Maybe even a TV show for the judge.  This isn’t the first time that people have created a career on the back of a defendant and sadly, it won’t be the last.

PeterGolenbock2_0Peter Golenbock writes in his article about the details that were not introduced at trial and how in them lies a plausible explanation of Anthony’s innocence, her daughter’s death, and George Anthony’s role.  Golenbock co-wrote Presumed Guilty with Jose Baez, in which the scenario is written out.  People who refuse to even open their minds to being wrong denounce the book as lies without even cracking it open.  Golenbock writes in his article about going into the book a complete skeptic.  He had no preconceived notions of guilt or innocence.  He is now convinced that Casey Anthony didn’t do it.  Golenbock writes about the abuse allegations that so many off-handedly dismissed.  He writes that Casey Anthony wondered if her father could be Caylee’s father and that the FBI later had suspicions of incest and tested her brother and father.  The DNA tests later showed neither were the father.

When Caylee was born, photographs showed him in the delivery room on the receiving end of the child.  Dr. Weitz, one of the psychiatrists who examined Casey Anthony, thought this was odd behaviorCasey-Anthony-Caylee-Anthony-38 for the mother’s father.

With DNA results about to be released to the public, on January 22, 2009, George Anthony attempted suicide.  He left a suicide note that said in effect, “I’m sorry. Please tell Casey I love her,” Golenbock wrote.  Following Caylee Anthony’s birth, Golenbock writes that Casey was “mortally afraid” that her father may abuse her daughter like she claimed he did her.  Substantiated by evidence, we know that she always slept in the same bed as her daughter and showered with her daughter.  She locked her door at night and never let her daughter stay at home alone with her father.

“She feared he would molest the daughter the way he had molested her,” said Dr. Weitz. “She never felt comfortable and wouldn’t leave her — if at all possible — leave her alone with George.”

“According to Casey, her father had sexually assaulted her many times over a number of years; that she felt that he was highly impulsive, erratic; that … he could lose control over his behavior easily, and so she feared him and feared for her daughter’s safety.”

Golenbock writes that at her request, her father and brother stopped living at the family home.  Adding to the separation of her parents was George Anthony’s irresponsible handling of money, which he lost in a scam and lied to his wife telling her he lost it gambling.  In addition, due to a knee injury, he was unable to work consistently.  George Anthony returned to the home after Caylee turned 1 and that’s when Casey Anthony quit her job suddenly.  Her father didn’t start work until 3 in the afternoon.  She made up a story about going to work, took her child with her every day, and instead she spent every day with Caylee.  Each day she would leave in the morning, going to “work”, and return at 5 in the evening after George Anthony left for work.  Rather than leave her daughter in her father’s care, she quit her job and pretended to go to work, but instead took care of her daughter full-time, why?

Her parents, Cindy and George, started to question what she was doing with Caylee when she went to work, so again, she invented something to cover up that she was taking care of her.  She created Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, Zanny the Nanny, and over the next few years, she intertwined tales to keep her parents from knowing that she was caring for her daughter and not working.  For two years, she told her parents that she took Caylee to Zanny’s and then went to work, returned and picked her up after work.

Casey-Anthony-Caylee-Anthony-29In reality, evidence shows that for two years none of that was happening, what was actually happening is that she was taking Caylee to the park, shopping, and over to her friends’ houses.  She had no job and no income, so to survive and to keep the lie going so she could continue to care for her daughter under the ruse of Zanny the Nanny she began to steal money.

Golenbock writes on June 16, 2008, according to records, Casey Anthony says that her father jolted her awake and “he was yelling at her, “Where the hell is Caylee? Where the hell is Caylee?”  Her 3-year-old daughter was nowhere to be found.  They both went outside and began searching for her.  She noticed that the ladder to the aboveground pool was up.  The family had a cardinal rule to take it down every time someone finished swimming.  Caylee had an especially strong love of swimming and there was a fear that she would do it alone.  According to evidence, Cindy Anthony had expressed to several people that the aboveground pool ladder had been left up.

“Casey had started to walk toward the house when she saw her father carrying Caylee’s limp, wet body. The little girl was dead. When Casey saw her father carrying the body, her first thought was that it wasn’t an accident.”  Due to their history, she immediately suspected that he had done something and that he was trying to cover it up.  “When she told the story to her attorney, Jose Baez, tears began running down her face.”

“My father started yelling at me.  It’s all your fault. Look what you’ve done. You weren’t watching her. You’re going to go to f***ing jail for child neglect. You weren’t watching her, she got out of the house, and look what happened.’”

Golenbock writes that she cried as her father yelled at her.  In shock from her daughter’s sudden death, she went inside and lay in her bed.  She said her father walked into her room and told her, “I’ll take care of her.” And he walked away.  After George Anthony went to work that day, he called her phone and told her, “I took care of everything. She said he warned her not to tell her mother.”

For the next month, she lived in a “daze”.  She did everything she could to keep the death of her daughter from becoming known to others and to herself.  “She carried on as though nothing happened.”  She spent a few days doing nothing and hanging out with her then-boyfriend.  She went to a nightclub or party once or twice.  She got a tattoo that said La Bella Vita.  Two psychiatrists, Dr. Jeffrey Danziger and Dr. Weitz, each testified in depositions taken by the prosecution that such behavior is called denial and compartmentalization.  Dr. Weitz said he had preliminary indications that she might be suffering from PTSS, post-traumatic stress syndrome.

“She was basically still in emotional shock and traumatized, and she was basically functioning in denial, suppressed mode. Essentially she was dealing with, one way or another, the loss of a child she loved.”

There are no rules to the way a person reacts to loss and grief.  When a month passed, Cindy Anthony decided to call the police when she was unsatisfied with her daughter’s excuses for Caylee’s whereabouts.  Casey Anthony then lied to police and when the police ran out of patience they arrested her and charged her with murder.  Later, without any evidence as to how Caylee died and without a body, the State of Florida made the case a capital case.  The police where so convinced that because she lied, she must have murdered her daughter and turned all their resources on convicting her.  From day 1 the police knew that she was lying about her job and nanny, so they leaked as much negative information as possible to the eagerly waiting rabid media, including any sensational material like her relationships.  The media outlets were looking for ratings and the police wanted to pressure her to confess because their case lacked a solid foundation.  Plus, the jury pool would be watching.  The police even invited the media to film them sweeping her Pontiac Sunfire for evidence.  They opened the garage door so that the media could film them for the evening news.

Nancy Grace, the most despicable crime “journalist” out there, who believes that everyone is guilty if it increases her ratings and that helping innocent people is “misguided”, led the charge.  She had the whole bandwagon together in this anti-Casey Anthony crusade.  Greta Van Susteren, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Vinnie Politan, legal “experts” (paid to appear on each network contractually), Geraldo Rivera (a once great reporter after a huge blunder now suffers from one-sided coverage syndrome), Gretchen Carlson, and the list goes on.  Every network talked about the case, every “news” website, and every social media site had thousands of discussions about guilt and innocence without any evidence being known or vetted.

She was also attacked by newspapers across the country and tabloids dedicated to making celebrities’ lives hell, including the National Enquirer, The Globe, and Star.  They have no qualms about making things up; it’s their job.  When Casey Anthony was arrested (only a few days later) everyone said she did it.  Every day there was a leak from the prosecution’s side:  the car “smelled like death”, she used chloroform to kill her daughter, she partied while her daughter was missing, duct tape was used, she got a tattoo, and she killed her daughter.

The hatred was the only thing anyone heard from day 1.  Golenbock dubs this massive groupthink the “Casey Anthony Reality Show” and100_5043 they said “she should not only be found guilty but should die.”  Yes, absolutely if the evidence were real, she should have been found guilty because she would have done it.  There was only one problem that everyone ignored throughout the entire trial and that is the media had a better case than the prosecution because they don’t have rules and they aren’t restricted by reality.  When the jury found her not guilty, not only did the prosecution and police get blamed, but the media was shocked that the ending they wrote was wrong.  As a result, the modern day lynch mob swung into full action and like many vigilante-wannabes they have it all wrong.  These people have so much hate for a person that the media created and put on a defendant that people have barely heard speak, that they have engaged in creating vast conspiracy theories.  Jose Baez is somehow in bed with the jury of murderers.

The blogosphere has largely extended its hatred to include Jose Baez, a man that if you listen to him speak is very passionate and brilliant about his life’s work and the American justice system.  He risked his career, family, home, and life to set Casey Anthony free.  The narrow-minded demagogues feel so strongly about the evidence the media, police, and prosecutors conveyed to them that only Jeff Ashton has a right to go on, be happy, profit, and talk.

Golenbock writes about a trip he went to last week in Cape Cod.  He was talking to relatives of his wife, and they all said:  “I don’t care what’s in the book. As far as I’m concerned, she killed her daughter.”

Golenbock explains why this logic is fundamentally flawed:  “The only problem with the haters’ conclusion is that the vaunted prosecution, lionized in the press every day, couldn’t prove any of their wild assertions.”

Jeff Ashton, Arpad VassThe research science used to try to kill Casey Anthony was barely in its infancy stage and certainly wasn’t fit for trials where people’s lives are on the line.  Dr. Vass’ machine had failed once before and it failed again.  The smell in the trunk was much more believably and reliably rotting garbage that was documented into evidence.  Many people were around and in the Sunfire and didn’t smell any decomposition.

The chloroform evidence was phony, point blank.  The 84 times searches were invented by a software defect.  This software was brand new, never been used in a case before.  The inventor was discovered at a seminar by the prosecution and asked to run the Anthony family computers through it.   Even when another program that had been used by police for years said otherwise, the prosecution opted for the new, faulty program for trial.  It just fit their theory better.  After testifying, the programmer realized it, but told the media that the prosecution wouldn’t return his calls to clear the record for the jury.

The duct tape evidence wasn’t true either.  Prosecution witnesses couldn’t be sure that the duct tape was on the face in fact, it was found lying in front of the face, but the area had been disturbed too many times to be a reliable crime scene.  The prosecution assumed that the duct tape was on the face, but there were no forensics to back that up.  Golenbock points out that it came out at trial that George Anthony used to wrap family pets in garbage bags and then put duct tape around them for burial.  Extremely similar to the way Caylee Anthony was “buried”.  He was also in possession of the duct tape after it was found at the crime scene, as captured on video at a missing Caylee event.  That same duct tape was found not only at the scene where Caylee was found, but also on gas cans at the home.  On top of all of that, George Anthony was less than forthcoming about the duct tape several times over several years.

Such evidence didn’t fit into the “Casey Anthony Reality Show” and was ignored by the police, the press, and the public at large.  In the end,jeff-ashton-campaign-pic Jeff Ashton intent on putting Casey Anthony on death row despite evidence, turned out to be nothing more than a bully and a consummate politician.  His book, Imperfect Justice, Golenbock writes, “might as well have been called The Sh*t I Made Up To Get My Mug on Television and Win an Election”.  Prosecutors using cases whether based in fact or not, to get ahead isn’t anything new.

Golenbock writes at the end of his article, “You have to wonder, what’s going to happen to our country now that we’re living in a reality show world?”  What kind of future do we face when the media is believed over everything else?  When people care more about being right then investigating the truth?  When people have no problem with destroying someone’s life on a whim?  When people delude themselves into believing false accusations rarely happen?  When people show no concern for the welfare of those entwined in the justice system?  When the principles of the U.S. Constitution are overshadowed by sensationalism?  When a bullying epidemic has taken our country hostage?

When forensics are accepted without question, despite massive evidence that flawed/fake forensics is one of the leading causes of wrongful conviction?  People thought those people were guilty too, but they were wrong.  Will our already flawed justice system, be turned back from progress?  How many more innocent people need to be mistreated before we question innocence despite agendas in every case?

Justice isn’t always a conviction it’s the truth.

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”  — John Adams, American Founding Father, 2nd President of the United States.

In 1770, he told the jury in the Boston Massacre case this.  The British soldiers could not find legal counsel.  He agreed to represent them despite his reputation being hurt.  Six soldiers were acquitted and two were convicted of manslaughter.  He offered this famous defense of Blackstone’s Ratio, one of the most important founding principles of our justice system today:

“It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished, for guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world that they cannot all be punished.  But if innocence itself is brought to the bar and condemned, perhaps to die, then the citizen will say, “whether I do good or whether I do evil is immaterial, for innocence itself is no protection…”

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    God’s will be done! And it was done here.


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