Shellie Zimmerman, the wife of George Zimmerman, plead guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor charge of perjury as part of a plea deal.  George Zimmerman was acquitted July 13th by a six-person jury in Florida of second-degree murder.  Shellie Zimmerman was accused of lying on the stand about George Zimmerman’s finances before a Florida judge at her husband’s bond hearing.

She faced a possible 5 year prison sentence on her original felony perjury charge.  Prosecutors say that Shellie told the judge the couple was broke when in fact, they had cash in the bank.  When asked on April 20th at the bond hearing if the couple had financial means to assist in George Zimmerman’s defense, she said, “…not that I’m aware of.”  Prosecutors allege the couple had $135,000.

In jailhouse calls released to the public, the two are heard discussing their finances. In one conversation, Zimmerman asks his wife, “In my account, do I have at least $100?” She answers no, then tells him he has more like “$8, $8.60.”  “So total everything, how much are we looking at?” Zimmerman asks his wife.  “Like $155,” she responds.

Prosecutors allege the couple was speaking in code, others say that the couple didn’t know about the amount of donations since it went to Zimmerman’s attorneys.  Prosecutors also alleged that Shellie Zimmerman tried to transfer money from her husband’s account to her own account and his sister’s account.  After George Zimmerman was released on bond, his wife transferred more than $85,000 from her account back into his account, according to prosecutors.

As part of the plea deal, Shellie Zimmerman will perform 100 hours of community service and write a letter of apology to Judge Kenneth Lester to whom she lied.  In August of 2012, Judge Lester was disqualified from the George Zimmerman trial due to prejudicial comments he made about the defendant.

In Judge Lester’s order to set George Zimmerman’s bail at $1 million, he wrote that Zimmerman had “flaunted the system” and practiced “deception upon the court”.  An appeals court approved defense attorney Mark O’Mara’s motion in which he wrote that Lester was biased against the defendant, George Zimmemran,

“the court made gratuitous, disparaging remarks about Mr. Zimmerman’s character, advocated for Mr. Zimmerman to be prosecuted for additional crimes, offer[ed] a personal opinion about the evidence…and continues to hold over Mr. Zimmerman’s head the threat of future contempt…”

The Fifth District Court concurred with the motion as legally sufficient to establish that Zimmerman had a legitimate fear that the presiding judge could not be fair and impartial.

  1. JanCorey says:

    100 hours of Community Service for inaccurate reporting of information she had no ready-access to verify? Outrageous, imo. At least she’ll be making millions soon on books and movie deals. Good for her, she too is a hero.


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