Ohio is preparing to select a new execution process, as current lethal injection methods are becoming nonviable.  This change is supposed to come about in October.  The Toledo Blade called on the state to stop being secretive about the alternative method being chosen.  The editors write, “No state should proceed with scheduled executions until the drug, or multi-drug cocktail, it plans to use has been proven to be humane and efficient. The process of changing how people are executed in Ohio should unfold with far more transparency than the state Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has shown so far.”

“Other states are turning to untested methods such as propofol, without knowing how much pain it causes or even what dose should be administered. Expediency has trumped morality, as the process has become more haphazard.”

This comes on the heels of Georgia declaring its execution process a state secret.  The pain suffered by death row inmates may not be a concern of the larger public, but it should be for three reasons:  the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment of any kind, there are innocent people on death row (and if we are going to ignore them and execute them shouldn’t it be humane?), and how can we say what they did deserves execution if we do the same?

  1. Lon Spector says:

    I’m glad the Anthony family moved out of Ohio.


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