Tara-Kelly-on-HLNThe most outspoken juror in the Jodi Arias case didn’t have anything to do with the decision making, but has appeared multiple times in media interviews, answered questions on social media, and slammed the jury foreman for disagreeing with her on whether Jodi Arias deserved compassion.  Tara Kelley, an alternate juror, has had no qualms stating that she never, throughout the entire trial, believed Jodi Arias.  She was the juror who submitted the more predisposed questions like, “After all the lies you told, why should we believe you now?”


Now, more information has been released as to just how much Kelley was involved with the media.  In a recent defense motion, screenshots accompanied the fact that Kelley was interacting during the trial with Mark Eiglarsh, a regular on Dr. Drew on Call on HLN.  At one point, she tweeted that it was okay because it wasn’t against the admonition:  You “can use social media but can not talk about the trial!”

011413_money_eiglarshThe question is though why was she tweeting Mark Eiglarsh, a contracted legal expert with HLN who was heavily covering the Arias trial?  I don’t think they were social media buddies before this.  She also had a discussion about Arias having a temper because she was part Hispanic.  This was prior to the penalty phase hung jury.  This clearly was about the trial; it mentioned the defendant.

On Monday, Kelley, who now identifies herself on Twitter as an “alternate juror Jodi Arias trial”, appeared on Dr. Drew, yet again, and claimed that she “didn’t do anything” wrong.  She claimed that her first tweet with Mark Eiglarsh was 5 days after the end of the sentencing phase.

Mark Eiglash, also appeared, and said, “…I think the concern the defense has is any time any juror during trial…a juror looks at anything during trial regarding social media, there are other people’s words or things that they could read. An ideal scenario is for every juror to simply stay away from anything that has to do with social media.”

Whether Kelley did anything wrong is up for debate, however, one thing is for sure, she has now hidden her tweets and you must be an approved friend to look at her account.

A hearing in the Arias re-sentencing has been set for 11:30 a.m. EST September 16th.


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