The family of Rebecca Zahau who was found hanging, naked and bound from a Southern California Mansion balcony in 2011, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in which they say she was murdered.  Rebecca Zahau was found “dead, naked, bound and gagged, with a rope noose around her neck at the Spreckles Mansion in Coronado California,” according to the complaint filed in San Diego federal court by her mother, Pari Zahau and sister, May Zahau-Loehner.  They are seeking $10 million in damages and hope for a trial by jury against Adam Shacknai and Dina Shacknai, the brother and ex-wife of the mansion’s owner and Zahau’s boyfriend.  The filing also names the ex-wife’s twin sister, Nina Romano.  The lawsuit accuses the three of participating “in some manner in the planning, implementation, execution, and subsequent concealment of the scheme to murder” Rebecca Zahau, who was 32 when she died.  Adam Shacknai was the one who removed Zahau’s body from the balcony and called 911.  Just days before Zahau died, Jonah Shacknai’s 6-year-old son Max fell down a flight of stairs and was injured.  After her death, he died in the hospital.

Dina Shacknai responded to the lawsuit calling it “baseless”.  At the time of Zahau’s death, Dina Shacknai was staying only a few blocks away at a vacation home, Romano had also flown from Sacramento to be with her sister, and Adam Shacknai, who lives in Tennessee, came to the area and was staying in the mansion’s guesthouse.  Authorities ruled Zahau’s death a suicide after a very controversially short investigation, a ton of media coverage, and shaky demonstration video on how possibly Zahau could have killed herself.

In her response she wrote:

Today marks the second anniversary of the death of my only child, Maxfield Aaron Shacknai. He was six years old when he died while under the care of Rebecca Zahau…While we empathize with the Zahau family regarding their grief over the loss of Rebecca, for Nina and I to be named as parties to this frivolous lawsuit by the Zahau family is cruel and irresponsible…I have now been left with no alternative but to initiate significant measures to ensure the ongoing protection of myself, as well as my remaining family.  I respectfully ask that the public continue to keep us in their prayers as we remember Maxie…

The lawsuit doesn’t say that each defendant was directly involved in her death, but does mention that they each had threatened her and failed to warn anyone about a scheme to harm her in the days after Max’s accident.  It alleges assault, battery, negligence, and wrongful death.  The boy’s death was ruled accidental.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Yeah, I remember this case from 2011. It was the next H.L.N. ‘big Thing” after Casey Anthony.
    It was a sufficiently “sexed-up” story to hold the public’s attention for fifteen minutes.


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