New Hampshire Hospital Tech Infected Patients with Hepatitis C

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Justice
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A traveling hospital technician who was accused of infecting patients purposefully in multiple states with hepatitis C through tainted syringes has plead guilty in New Hampshire to 16 federal charges under a plea agreement that says he will face 30 to 40 years in prison.  Judge Joseph Laplante asked David Kwiatkowski, 34, today in a hearing, why he didn’t want to go to trial, he answered:  “Because I’m guilty.”  He pleaded guilty to 14 charges of drug theft and tampering in New Hampshire and two counts in Kansas.  Sentencing has been set for December 3rd.

Before he was hired by Exeter Hospital (NH) in 2011, Kwiatkowski worked as a cardiac technologist in 18 hospitals in 7 states, moving from job to job despite being fired 4 times over allegations of misconduct including, drug use and theft.  46 people in 4 states have been diagnosed with hepatitis C, which Kwiatkowski carries and is accused of spreading by replacing stolen painkiller syringes with saline-filled syringes he tainted with his blood.  32 were infected in New Hampshire, 7 in Maryland, 6 in Kansas, and 1 in Pennsylvania.  Kwiatkowski also worked in New York, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan.  One person died from the strain of hepatitis C, a blood-borne disease that causes liver problems and chronic health issues.  The charges in Kansas that he pleaded guilty to stemmed from the death.


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