In July of 2011, Jodi Arias and her defense attorneys attempted to plea bargain with the State of Arizona in the death of Travis Alexander. They argued for a 2nd degree murder resolution, in correspondence, which would have seen Jodi Arias sentenced to between 10 and 25 years in prison. The government, most likely due to the notoriety of the case and prosecutor assigned, declined the offer. Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder after a lengthy trial. She has not been sentenced yet due to a mistrial in the sentencing phase.

Jodi Arias, who tweets through a friend, has tweeted that her 3rd attempt to resolve the case “quietly” and “less expensively” was denied, “sorry taxpayers”. The Arias trial has cost taxpayers the average amount for a capital case of its nature (about $2 million), but some costs were not disclosed by the Arizona government.

A few of my dedicated haters came all the way 2 court 2day just 2 glare at me. I’m flattered. Thought it was I who had nothing better 2 do. — Tweeted Jodi Arias after her status conference recently.

Jodi Arias has more than 77,000 followers, seemingly mostly people who don’t like her, which shows the level of obsession people have with sensationalized trials. Judge Stephens, the presiding judge, has projected a possible start date for a new sentencing phase in September.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Do you think that God created such a visiual work of art in Jodi Arias only to have her die a slow agonizing death in prison? It was Travis Alexander who played with fire and who wanted to have his cake and eat it too. Should Jodi be blaimed that “saint” Travis turned out to have feet of clay? The REAL reason for the spirit of vengence directed at Jodi, is she revels the hyprocracy of these holier-then-thou types, so in thier view, she must pay with her life.


    • JanCorey says:

      I still believe she’s a victim of domestic abuse and I hold no weight to the conviction. Travis got off lucky imo after what he did to Jodi.


  2. JanCorey says:

    Jodi was only convicted by proprietorial -misconduct if that matters to anyone; documented and proven.


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