The George Zimmerman case is not a case about an unarmed child being tracked due to his race.  It is not a case about gun rights.  If people don’t like the laws the way they are, the only way to change them is to take action.  Go vote at the polling place or go and talk to your legislature.  Make a difference, but just be careful what laws you change, especially when you need them and they’re not there.  This case only went to trial, make no mistake, due to famous people and political aspirations.  This is not a political blog, so I won’t divulge my political beliefs because politics should have no place in the justice system.  Politics are about smoke and mirrors and not about justice or truth or fairness.  We have a 2nd Amendment and we have a right to have guns, period.  George Zimmerman did nothing wrong having a gun, that isn’t an issue in this case.

Yes, we have a right to protest, we can write whatever we want on a sign and march around.  We can write whatever we want on the Internet.  We can create petitions and apparently, we can get people arrested.  It doesn’t make it true or right.  But, protests only do so much; civic interaction is what is needed for change, civilized discourse.  This case was never meant for trial because it was unwinnable by the prosecution and the number one possible reason on the list of reasons why is always innocence.  The media always uses buzz phrases that give you subliminal messages on guilt, like does the jury buy it or slaying instead of murder or charged instead of alleged.  Every single case that appears in the media as high profile proves, each and every time, that we have lost our social conscience.  The concept of an innocent defendant being oppressed by the government doesn’t pop into people’s minds anymore.  Why don’t people protest about that?  Why do people wait until the media tells them something to get involved according to the media’s viewpoint?  I personally think the implications of protesting someone into arrest and petitions that try to go around the Constitution is scary.

The government can be wrong, the media is often wrong, and opinions are contagious, but often not based in fact.  That is the sad truth of the information world we live in.  This case is about a man who was or was not attacked by a 17-year-old, period.  Don West, in his opening, I think summed up the case extremely well, “There are no monsters here.”  Trayvon Martin wasn’t a thug, or whatever else people want to say and George Zimmerman wasn’t a racist, wannabe cop, and vigilante.  Both of these people aren’t political footballs for gun control or for voting campaigns, they are real people.  John Guy might have said that Trayvon Martin would never be a piece of cardboard, but he should have taken that to heart and realized that Trayvon Martin has become a symbol and not a person anymore.  The media and prosecutors like to make victims out to be perfect, but the beauty in being human is our imperfections, our differences, and our potential to learn and grow.

Trayvon Martin wasn’t a child, like the media and the prosecution want you to believe, he was a 17-year-old.  You know, 17-year-olds can be charged as adults in criminal courtrooms all across this nation.  If we think that these “kids” are not capable of acting like adults then why do we treat them like adults?  Pick one.  Either a 17-year-old is almost an adult and in certain instances treated like one or they are children.  I’m not going to discuss the intricacies and accuracies of opening and closing statements because they aren’t evidence.  Attorneys can say what they want.  In a criminal case, only one side is right.

Sean Noffke, the non-emergency operator who took George Zimmerman’s call that night stated that George Zimmerman’s language was not uncommon.  I think anyone who has either walked the halls of a school or been out at the store can tell you, people say these things all the time.  In fact, George Zimmerman’s language would be considered chaste compared to the types of things people say online.  Mr. Noffke also testified that he did not think George Zimmerman sounded hostile or angry.  To me, when George Zimmerman said, “these a**holes they always get away”, he sounded more like he was sighing about it, not angry about it.  More sad about his neighborhood and the people in it, like Ms. Bartalan.  There were 6 non-emergency calls made by George Zimmerman leading up to the night of February 26th.  The calls were all calm, none sounded upset.  They reported several suspicious individuals.  Most of them mentioned previous burglaries and one mentioned that they “always run”.  The defense put another call into evidence that we didn’t get to hear, but the jury could hear during deliberations.  This call was about George Zimmerman’s concern of children left unsupervised in the neighborhood.  Why wouldn’t the prosecution play that one for the jury?  I think it is obvious.

Call 1:  August 3, 2011 – George Zimmerman called at 6:35 p.m.  He was calm and explained to the operator that there was a recent burglary, which his wife was a witness to.  She has been in contact with a detective working the case and that he saw a suspicious person that matched the description near the back entrance of the complex.

Call 2:  August 6, 2011 – Again, George Zimmerman called at 10:20 p.m.  He was calm and he reported about the burglary again and stated that he saw two teens near the back entrance and that they typically run away so the officer should be cognizant of that.  He also stated that the people in the neighbor think they usually run to the next neighborhood over.  There was a police contact made with this report.

Call 3:  September 23, 2011 – George Zimmerman called at 11:08 p.m.  He stated that the neighborhood had just had the neighborhood watch presentation and that there was a garage door open.  He said that the house was poorly lit, but he thinks he can make it out.  He tells them the address.  At the end of the call, he tells the operator “thank you” and to have a great day.

Call 4:  October 1, 2011 – George Zimmerman called at 12:53 a.m.  He reported two loiterers at the back entrance.  They were hanging out at the gate.  He stated that they were “African American” and in their late 20s to early 30s.  There was also police contact made in this case.  At the end of this call, he also thanked the operator and told them to “have a great night”.

Call 5:  February 2, 2012 – George Zimmerman called at 8:29 p.m.  He reported that there was a man walking up to a neighbor’s house looking around and walking away, several times.  He also stated that he had seen the guy before going through people’s garbage on trash day.

Call 6:  George Zimmerman calls concerned about unsupervised children.  (Not played in open court, but entered into evidence)

Wendy Dorival, in my opinion, was the most important witness in the entire trial.  I also believe that the forensic pathologist and firearms testimony about the distance between the shirt and chest being 2 to 4 inches was the most significant evidence.  It was consistent with Trayvon Martin leaning over George Zimmerman.  Wendy Dorival testified that George Zimmerman’s community did have crime recently spike.  She testified that George Zimmerman was a regular concerned citizen who was “meek”.  She wanted him to join the citizens’ police, but he did not.  He didn’t join the citizens’ police force.  Well, if you are a wannabe cop, gung ho on catching fugitives and bad people, then why wouldn’t you?  Especially if you were not allowed to be a real cop (George Zimmerman’s application for the police force in Virginia was denied a few years earlier.)  She also testified that she explained what a “suspicious person” was:  someone you don’t recognize, someone who is walking somewhere not typical, someone walking in between buildings, and someone who is looking in windows.  These were all things the George Zimmerman thought Trayvon Martin was doing.  The only way prosecutors could discredit this was to come up with some ridiculous pre-planned (even though they stated this whole thing wasn’t planned) cover up that started with George Zimmerman making up that Trayvon Martin circled his car?  The biggest problem I had with the prosecution was their constantly changing story.  Their theory went from George Zimmerman was a wannabe cop and he just murdered Trayvon Martin out of the blue to George Zimmerman was a concerned citizen gone bad being beat off a tree, to George Zimmerman circled around and cut off Trayvon Martin on his way back to his house, to George Zimmerman invented the whole 911 call to make Trayvon Martin look suspicious, all the way to Trayvon Martin was beating George Zimmerman up, but he had other options.  If the prosecution can’t even convince themselves of one theory then how exactly does this whole thing not scream reasonable doubt?  HOA president Donald O’Brien testified that the police told the citizens it was okay to follow someone from a distance to report their movements.  If you couple this with Sean Noffke asking “tell me if he does anything else” and “which way is he running”, you can get a pretty clear idea that it isn’t too farfetched that George Zimmerman got out of his car.  It is not against the law to get out of your car; I think people seem confused on that point.

I think the witnesses, when put in order and along side George Zimmerman’s side of the story best depict what really happened that night.  Who better to know what happened witnesses, the people there, or someone on TV and Twitter?

Trayvon Martin heads to the store around 6 p.m. according to his future stepbrother, Chad Joseph, and his friend, Rachel Jeantel.  Around 6:24 p.m. Trayvon Martin leaves the 7-11 store.  At 6:54 p.m., Trayvon Martin has a call with Rachel Jeantel.  George Zimmerman’s non-emergency 911 call begins at 7:09 p.m.  “…This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something.  It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about…he’s just staring…looking at all the houses…staring at me…”

Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon Martin stated that a man was watching him.  The man kept watching him and Martin was complaining to her about it.  She asked him what he looked like and Martin responded that he was “a creepy, a**, cracker”.  She joked with him that he was a rapist.  He told her that he was going to try to lose him because the rain calmed down.  He left the “mailing area”.

“He’s at the clubhouse now…he’s coming towards me…He’s got his hand in his waistband…” “…He’s coming to check me out.  He’s got something in his hands.  I don’t know what his deal is…” Okay.  Just let me know if he does anything, okay?  “Please just get an officer over here.”  “These a**holes they always get away.”

George Zimmerman begins to follow, as he believes the operator instructed him to.  I don’t think it is farfetched to believe that “tell me if he does anything else” could mean watch him.  As George Zimmerman tries to explain what else Trayvon Martin is doing, “sh*t he’s running.”  Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon Martin was going to run “from the back” to his father’s fiancée’s house and she could hear wind.

Which way is he running?  This is when George Zimmerman exits his car to look.  “…towards the other entrance of the neighborhood…the back entrance…”  Since George Zimmerman doesn’t sound winded as if he was running in the rest of the call, I believe that this is wind noise, not gasps for breath.  This is also where he supposedly says, “f***ing punks.”  I cannot be absolutely sure whether it is noise matrixing or suggestion that I hear this because you have to listen really hard and I didn’t hear it a few times throughout the trial when the recording was played.  Are you following him?  “Yeah.”  Okay, we don’t need you to do that.  “Okay.”  Around this area, you can hear tapping noises.  This is possibly where George Zimmerman’s larger flashlight dies.  Trayvon Martin’s call with Rachel Jeantel cuts off at 7:12 p.m.  She stated that before they cut off she believed that Trayvon Martin ran.    They reconnect quite quickly.

Then George Zimmerman tells them to meet him at his truck, but he doesn’t know the address.  At this time, he is partially down the dog walk away from the Lauer house and the other houses are facing the other direction.  In addition, it is pitch black.  Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon said, “Oh s***” that the man was behind him again.

Afterwards George Zimmerman doesn’t want to say his address out loud because he doesn’t know where Trayvon Martin is.  I think that’s pretty reasonable.  The operator then suggests that George Zimmerman meet the officer at the mailboxes, but George Zimmerman, not being at the mailboxes, says yes, but then says have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at.  George Zimmerman stated that he went to find the address after hanging up in order to tell the police officer when they called him.  I don’t see that as inconsistent with what happened on the call.  Jane Surdyka heard voices that were closer than the “argument” later, this was probably George Zimmerman on his cell phone with the 911 operator, he was in front of her house at the time.

I believe that George Zimmerman walked down the dog path and that’s when Trayvon Martin spotted him again.  Trayvon Martin was walking down the T area to go to the house he was staying at.  It was pitch black, so this explains why George Zimmerman didn’t know where he came from.  Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon Martin said to George Zimmerman,  “Why are you following me for?”  It only makes logical sense that either Trayvon Martin turned around or that Trayvon Martin walked back up to George Zimmerman and confronted him.  Especially when considering the location of the altercation wasn’t near Trayvon Martin’s place it was near the T where George Zimmerman was.  She testified that she heard George Zimmerman respond, “What are you talking about?” (Which is consistent with George Zimmerman’s side of the story where he reached for his phone in fear), but she later changed it to “what you doing around here?” (Which by the way would be what the prosecutor’s said he should have said to Trayvon Martin. Start a conversation as to why Trayvon Martin was in the neighborhood).  She then heard a “bump” and then Trayvon Martin say, “get off” or something to that effect and then the phone went dead.  At about 7:16:00 the call between Rachel Jeantel and Trayvon Martin goes dead.

Jenna Lauer testified that she heard a 3-burst conversation, which is consistent with what Rachel Jeantel and George Zimmerman said happened.  “What are you following me for?”  “What are you talking about?”  Something is said back, George Zimmerman said, it was something like:  “What’s your problem?” “I don’t have a problem.” “You do now.”  This is when they are standing.  Jane Surdyka testified that one voice was aggressive and the other not, but Jenna Lauer testified they both sounded flustered.  She then heard scuffling sounds and sneakers on pavement.

Jeannee Manalo heard a “howling” sound that was toward the T, this would be consistent with someone being punched in the nose.  Selma Mora testified that she heard crying, which is also consistent with someone being punched in the face.  Selene Bahadour testified that she heard a sound like “No” or “Uhhh” (consistent with being punched in the face) and she could see figures and arms flailing.  George Zimmerman said in the walk-through or reenactment video that he swatted at Trayvon Martin to push him away.  After that, Lauer heard the noises gradually become a “grunting” sound.  This is when they are on the ground.  Manalo heard a “struggle” getting closer.  Selma Mora said that she could hear a thump or skateboard hitting the cement.

Jenna Lauer, as did many other witnesses, heard a neighbor (John Good) go outside and say something like, “what the hell are you doing?”  Mrs. Manalo looked out and saw two figures and a neighbor (John Good), the two figures were on the ground.  When she saw the two figures, she could see the one “hitting down” on the other one.  Jane Surdyka looked out and saw two figures on the ground “wrestling” or “scuffling.”  John Good testified that he heard some noises, but couldn’t make anything out.  He finally looked out and saw someone facing away from him in a “tussle” (towards the sidewalk).  He went outside and yelled, “What’s going on? or “stop it”.  They moved up onto the sidewalk a little bit and turned so that he could see their side.  He saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman.  The person on top went from lying on top to straddling him (consistent with George Zimmerman’s statements and the evidence of dirt at the knees of Trayvon Martin’s pants).  He could see arm movement up and down multiple times (consistent with George Zimmerman’s head being pushed into the concrete).  He originally had described the incident as being “MMA style”.  That the guy on top was going at the other guy, “MMA style”.  The person on the bottom turned to him and yelled help.  Mr. Good then yelled he was going to call the police.  Trayvon Martin never turned to ask for help.  Mr. Good turned and went inside and as he dialed, the gunshot went off.  About 7:16:55 p.m., George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

Selma Mora looked out after the gunshot and saw two people on top of the other.  This is consistent with Goerge Zimmerman stating he got on top of Martin after the shooting.  She testified she yelled twice and that George Zimmerman responded for her to call the police.  George Zimmerman got up and paced back and forth and put his hand on his forehead and other hand on his hip.  This is consistent with what Jane Surdyka saw after the gunshot.  Joe Manalo went outside after the gunshot and saw George Zimmerman standing near the T.  He was walking toward him.  He saw that Zimmerman had a cell phone up to his ear, but he wasn’t talking on it.  (I think he was trying to call his wife and that’s why he asked Mr. Manalo to call her.)  He did notice that he was bleeding out his nostrils.  It was “streaming down both sides of his lips.”  He also noticed blood on the back of his head.  When George Zimmerman first approached him, he asked him “do I need to call 911?”  George Zimmerman answered, “No, I just got off the phone with them.”  He acknowledged that George Zimmerman looked like he had just been in a fight.  He testified that George Zimmerman was “breathing hard” and “staggering” as if he just got up.  He also looked like “he just got his butt beat.”  He also testified that George Zimmerman had asked him, “Am I bleeding?”  He told him he was.  He testified at one point, George Zimmerman squatted down.  He also said that George Zimmerman told him, “I was defending myself and I shot him.”

About a minute later, the first officer arrives on the scene.  “I was yelling for someone to help me, but no one would help me,” George Zimmerman told the first responding officers.  The responding time and the type of wounds, such as punctate bruising prove that George Zimmerman could not have inflicted the injuries himself.  As both experts on both sides agreed that this type of bruising is consistent with a rough surface and the only rough surface in the area is concrete, couple that with eyewitnesses and you can see that George Zimmerman was hit off the concrete in some way.

Half of the family witnesses for Trayvon Martin couldn’t tell it was him yelling for help, including Rachel Jeantel in deposition, Tracy Martin at the police station, his half-brother, as well.  In addition, no one could testify to and in fact witnesses testified to the opposite, that George Zimmerman was a hothead or a vigilante or he patrolled the neighborhood and harassed people who wore hoodies, etc.  This included Jenna Lauer, Ms. Bartalan, George Zimmerman’s neighbor, the HOA president, and Wendy Dorival.

I don’t see how having George Zimmerman’s story be so consistent with the facts and both the family and the prosecution being so unsure as to what happened isn’t the very definition of reasonable doubt.  I realize that there are a lot of people out there that disagree with me.  I respect their opinion; I just hope that they respect the jury’s opinion and mine.  Our system is the best system in the world and we are lucky to have it.  If anything were to ever happen to you, you’ll be glad that we have the system we have and you won’t be too happy with how people treat you then.

  1. Casey Anthony was just FREED ..2 years ago…July 17th 2011….. Time Flies….
    Just sayin… a Reminder!


  2. It is a Fact of Life., That Conflicts brings Discord…But Conflicts can also Bring “Changes” whether it adds up to War or Harmony. Unless those Law Games address Why The Law wasn’t Respected to start with…A- RED FLAG FLAW at the Start …….Must be a RE-Directed FL AG FLAW to allow lawless to kill at will…Shoot First…Ask Questions Later. You say, “Might be time for you to look at the person who was really at fault in this case Trayvon Martin and the Prosecution team….” It’s has if I hear an Echo “Blame it on Jose”…or Queen Grace! Doesn’t make it Right, way back then, AG Pam Bondi entertained the Nation when 48 Hours [Pre]-sumed a {Mock Casey Anthony Trial} …and Acquitted ..Before the real trial…or, for whatever was even real with The Queen….But Attorney General Pam Bondi said “Casey Anthony is her Own Enemy!” Was that The Game, The Law or a FLAW?

    Florida is the most corrupted state in the Nation., It’s been in the News often….I lived there. I know…I am analyzing this case on both sides.,equally and fairly…blame Martin? Why? because he was wearing a hoodie from the start? No it’s not a crime…Did Martin’s (HIS) Civil Rights to walk to point One to Point B without Zimmerman’s “Illusions or psychic ability to “THINK” (Yep! I know, this one is Up to No good” sooooo!!!
    ((“In his Mind” [Fla Mindset] Let’s Do This!) ) ….and DID persue the [sus`pect] fully aware conflict might errupt and did so of his own free will….
    Zimmerman (illegally) antagonize the suspect and killing the suspect, furthermore allowed to choose whatever version he chooses.

    …In my dictionary…it’s a close synonym of “Premeditated; To think, consider, deliberate about and revolve in the mind, beforehand… PS: STUPIDITY is NOT an EXCUSE…yet reversed by The Florida Flawless FL_AG; Attorney General….allowing the New Law Practice of “The Lawless Hunt a Human Selfless Act.”
    .Shoot First and Ask Questions After…FLAW’s Got Your Back Zimmerman was NOT Law Enforcement …He had NO RIGHT TO OBSTRUCT MARTIN’S PATH! Zimmerman Violated Martin’s Civil Rights…No if’s and no But’s about it…and good grounds for US Federal Prosecution into it…”Prosecutorial Misconduct” just like The Anthony “Prosecutorial Misconduct” It’s becoming a huge FLAW in Florida! It’s My Opinion…What’s Your’s?


    • The real issue is and what is dividing the country is that everybody looks at this case from their own life experiences and no one person has the same life even if they share some common ground. One person can look at the case and see no racism or legal reason to convict another person might see that he was “profiling” Trayvon Martin because of race, but when we talk about the court case it is separate from that because he could have only been convicted of what he was charged with. And it has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. A reasonable doubt can come from your life experiences as well.

      I don’t think it is all Trayvon Martin’s fault. The prosecution was right when they said a lot of assumptions were made. George Zimmerman made the assumption that Trayvon Martin could have been one of the burglaries that got away coming back and Trayvon Martin thought George Zimmerman was a “creepy a** cracker”. Trayvon Martin assumed George Zimmerman was up to “no good” just like George Zimmerman assumed. We don’t know what was in the minds of the two of them, but it is highly possible that they both were afraid of each other based upon life experience. George Zimmerman was plagued with a neighborhood on the verge of decline and desperate to save his home and Trayvon Martin was a young black male dealing with all the prejudice that can come from that, mostly at the hands of police. Make no mistake about it, the media sees these kinds of things as a way to make money. A sort of divide and conquer methodology, the more controversy the more money. They are out of control, they drive politics. Florida laws are so screwed up because the media’s coverage of cases drives most of them.

      I understand the African American viewpoint of this case. I get it and I sympathize with it, but I also sympathize with George Zimmerman. I have seen what happens when communities decline, the fear and anguish. Home values plummet and you are stuck forever in that world. It isn’t pretty. I can understand not wanting to let your community, your home become that. I can also see how people can think that George Zimmerman thought Trayvon Martin was trouble because of the way he was dressed. Yes, George Zimmerman did think Trayvon Martin was suspicious because of his description (it matched the description of unknown burglars still in the neighborhood). I don’t think that is racial profiling, I think that it is regular profiling used to solve crimes. Police do it all the time, i.e. a white male, orange shorts, black t-shirt, you get the picture, they stop everybody in the area wearing that and looking like that. I can also see how people may see that as discrimination based upon their life experiences. When it comes to something as subjective as self-defense, many people second-guess the person who claims it. I do not believe that the two sets of assumptions and worlds colliding that night should cause George Zimmerman to lose 30 years to his entire life. I do not believe he is legally culpable. He himself expressed moral culpability before and he has to deal with that himself.

      Yes, Trayvon Martin had every right to be walking in the neighborhood he was staying in, just like George Zimmerman had every right to walk around as well. It may not be smart to follow someone you suspect, but it isn’t illegal. Stupidity certainly isn’t illegal, either. Trayvon Martin didn’t do the smartest thing either standing in someone’s yard that he didn’t have permission to do in the dark. I can see how someone would think that someone standing in someone you know’s yard in the pitch dark, in the rain is strange. And then add the crime on top. Should George Zimmerman have not gotten out of the car? Yes. Should Trayvon Martin have just run home when he was already running? Yes. But, hindsight is just that, after the fact. It doesn’t help people in the moment. We could all come together and learn from this. The lesson from this trial should be not to prejudge others based upon events in your past and see events from other people’s viewpoints. I actually believe this incident occurred due to the decline of a neighborhood and nobody stepping in to help the people living there and relieve their fear.

      I do blame the prosecution because I do not believe that Angela Corey did this for the family or Trayvon Martin or justice. That’s my opinion and I’m glad that you shared yours with me.


      • Sanford, Florida is being made has a Blue Print for “Stand Your Ground” across The Land. The Jurors just released a Statement..”Requesting Privacy and followed The Law…How refreshing to listen to US Attorney General Eric Holder, this afternoon..announcing he had ordered an investigation last year,into the Trayvon Martin shooting. [APPLAUSES]. And I [Smiled] when he explained his dislike of “Stand Your Ground ” criticizing Florida. Peaceful gatherings invaded Governor Scott’s Office in Tallahassee (Overnight) til he comes back from New York. His Lieutenant Governor has resigned a few months ago for Gambling Fraud , etc… (cute) and not a word from Pam Bondi …yet! She’s probably vacationing in the Cayman Island Resort. {not funny}

        The 1933 Bank Laws are re-written …Good News from Washington DC …Senate Victory. Hundreds of City preparing Peaceful Demonstrations against
        Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” ….for Saturday . It’s all Good….Mighty pleased that US AG Erick Holder speaks my language….I’m “hoping and praying” that Zimmeman’s case will expose many of Florida’s precarious just/ice system and horrid laws and snowball into Casey’s bankcruptcy…already pending in Tampa’s Federal Court. I wish!

        Going back to Zimmerman…They needed a Larger Jury to see “The Big Picture”. Zimmerman’s Lifestyle is not an excuse for him to use Poor Judgement…
        Stand Your Ground is good if a burglar is in your house…your property…not to protect yourself as a “Shield” in the STREET looking for criminals…
        and create a war zone of your own…If his Community lifestyle was so deplorable. What does that say about Angela Corey…And what does it say about Law Enforcement in Sanford…When they did NOT arrest Zimmerman when committed the murder? As if he was an OFFICER?

        My only experience with GUNS was in New Jersey in 1987., when I opened my motel door..I heard the sound of a Swat Team’s arsenal …aimed at me….
        I do believe I went to Heaven and Back in …That Moment in Time! But that’s the Past…It was a mistake…Just Don’t remind me!

        I don’t care for non law enforcement people carrying guns around me…It’s not safe…they are known to go off by themselves…Ya..right!

        I believe that with 12 jurors…Zimmerman would have got manslaughter…He used poor judgement and took the Life of a Youth…It was NOT HIS JOB to question Martin…he was NOT an Officer…he’s an ordinary person. Zimmerman took the wrong approach…and unwarrantly shed blood
        He learned his lesson…But, he’s not ….Scott Free yet…because the “IF” is very important!

        US AG Erick Holder is not too fond of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law and Florida has a “Whole” ., it seems. Change is Good!!! and that’s my opinion…

        There was huge progress today in the US.. Stand Your Ground ‘s [killer law is NOT a done deal Rick Scott]…I will sleep better tonight

        Sweet Dreams!


  3. Lon Spector says:

    The media tailors it’s presentations to passionate, irrational, “emotional” appeal. You have to realize that the primary purpose of communication is to “sell” (influence) us about what the communicator wants us to see. The ultimate purpose is financial, and in a more personalized sense, sexual. “Love” or money. The easiest way this can be seen is religious cults, addictions, and the therapist/client relationships. Usually, all three of these institutions work in concert. The media has been called “The Fourth Estate.” It wields incredible influence. One of the slogans of the media is “We afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted.” But what happens when the media is NOT impartial, when they DO take sides? That statement stands on it’s head. They comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. Since everything revolves around the profit motive, those who wield the real power DON’T want the boat rocked. So they use a divide and conquer strategy and give us “bread and circuses” distractions. Do you think that any one individual is more important then their agenda? They’ve been at it since the dawn of history. Everyone is expendable if it comes down to it. When I say that George Zimmerman should leave the U.S. while he can, I’m not just thinking of special legislative hearings to change laws goaded by “civil rights” hucksters and low life politicians (Remember a few years ago, the famous “right to life” controversy involving a woman named Terry Shivo? This was a woman living in a vegetative state. Her husband wanted to pull the plug on her so he could remarry. It was a national controversy for a few weeks. A special congressional hearing was convened to pass a law on the spot to protect her. You’ll also remember the “on-the-spot” creation of laws like Caylee’s law in the aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial. What I’m saying is that if the power structure deems it necessary they could convene a special
    congressional session to ALLOW federal charges to be brought against Zimmerman. I would put nothing past this crowd that presently rules us with the media’s complicity. Even if I’m wrong about the above, it would still be in Zimmerman’s interest to leave while he can. Why? Because thanks to the media he has a perpetual target on his back. Remember the flurry of comments made about the verdict? “The “hood” will catch up with him in less then a year?”
    Shades of Leo Frank. George, take my advice get out while you can. That’s the advice I would give a Jew living in Nazi Germany, which regrettably, the U.S. is becoming more and more like everyday.


    • I agree with most of what you say Lon, however if all of our innocent people leave then all we’ll be left with are the guilty and the crazy. As a nation, we need to find a way, not to control our media, but give it integrity. Most people who get on the bandwagon, if you ask them, they’ll say they don’t trust the media, but they continue to believe them? Look at the prospective jurors in the George Zimmerman case, most, if not all said in voir dire that they watched the media, but didn’t trust it. What kind of sense does that make? News organizations used to be respected and investigative, now they don’t think investigative reporting makes money. CNN publicly admitted that’s why they cut that program. The saddest part is that people who live everyday regular lives uninterrupted or affected directly by the media’s “cutting of corners” don’t see that the media has devolved. People should tell the media that they want facts, demand facts and the truth, and settle for nothing less. The media has gotten so brazen and horrible that they will literally go on TV and just call someone guilty from day 1 of an investigation, point the finger at innocent people and they will do anything to keep people thinking they are right, including making excuses, slandering the justice system, hardly ever covering innocent people being charged with crimes, and destroying people’s lives. The anchors have opinions and that is what they tell us, they just want to convince us, by any means necessary, innuendo, rumor, lies, editing, etc. to change our mind to agree with them about certain things. Nancy Grace for instance, believes that releasing innocent people from jail is “misguided”, so she tells us every defendant is guilty. Corporate greed, agendas, and people being so superficial and shallow due to certain social media are the problems here. It’s like we’re all stuck in middle school. You’ve got news anchors talking about how good looking people are in a criminal cases! Then you’ve got people online talking trash about people in any situation from their lives to people on the news. It’s like that insurance commercial about believing everything on the Internet. People think because it is on the news it’s true, they couldn’t be more wrong.


    • Very well said…and true…on all points. Thank You!
      It’s Refreshing to read and know that “I’m not alone!”


  4. It was NOT self-defense…Zimmerman could have been using Bruce Lee’s moves…or trained to use Bruce Lee’s move…Zimmerman could have used His “Index” to point where Trayvon Martin went to cop’s…But he used His “Index” to Silence Trayvon, He pulled the Trigger ! He killed a young man like a coward. He was suspicious , gave Zimmerman the Right to Silence Trayvon? Forgive them Lord, for they do not know what they are doing! …….God Bless America!!!


    • I understand your opinion Donia. I would like to say that Bruce Lee would probably be offended that he was compared to George Zimmerman and that George Zimmerman was learning grappling, not any type of martial arts. George Zimmerman did pull the trigger that was never disputed. Pulling a trigger doesn’t mean you violated a law regardless of the age of the person who dies. It wasn’t that Trayvon Martin was suspicious that gave him the right so to speak. I guess you’ve never lived in a neighborhood where it declines so quickly and you are still trying to raise your family, where your neighbor gets home-invaded while their infant is in the house. It is jarring and scary to live even in proximity to a place where the police presence is less then helpful, to say the least. Put yourself in George Zimmerman’s shoes. He wanted to protect his wife. He thought he was following the dispatcher’s orders. It was a series of unfortunate events that ended with Trayvon Martin’s death, but there was no malicious intent. The evidence doesn’t in any way say George Zimmerman is mal-intended only people said that and as we all know people can say anything. There is absolutely no other way for George Zimmerman to have gotten those injuries, witnesses saw it happening.

      It is a shame that our society is so bad that jurors names must be sealed in order to protect the integrity of our due process. This was a self-defense case and I would want a jury to judge me according to facts and I wouldn’t want anything less even for my enemies.


      • I lived and worked with authorities in Florida back in 1978 to 1985 , I went back in 2008 ,
        horrified to experience how corrupted Law Enforcement had become. My mentor Hon.Judge Edward D.Cowart is probably turning in his grave ,watching what has become of the State of
        Florida…I left Florida ., 11 days after Casey Anthony was released from Probation last August
        2012, because being a Witness who saw Caylee ALIVE in 2008…is pretty much the same as
        being one of the Juror, saying NOT GUILTY.. As you said…Florida has a PRECARIOUS justice system and HORRID Laws. Florida Statute 119 should be banned to keep Queen Grace from preconceiving another “tot mom story of her own” and commercialized F.S. 119 ,to defraud taxpayers , in concert with Florida’s precarious unjustified system and horrid laws in violation of not only Federal Laws but also in violation of The Universal Human Rights Act and Civil Rights…I’m expecting a better outcome from The Federal Courts in Tampa,to redress Justice for Caylee.
        Please……Watch the next WEATHER REPORT view of Florida from above…You will clearly see that Florida is the “Head of a Snake” Florida is Evil…and Our Country is getting the Message Loud & Clear with the Zimmerman case uproar! God Bless America!


        • I agree Florida’s justice system is a horrible wreck. 1 in 9 people on death row in Florida are innocent. Yet, the way the lawmakers decided to fix this problem is to sign into law a bill that allows them to execute them faster, so that the country and their own citizens don’t know what’s really going on down there. This to me is a bigger travesty then anything I’ve seen coming out of Florida. My personal beliefs are that people have a right to defend themselves. People want to get rid of Stand Your Ground because of George Zimmerman, but only the media said it had anything to do with the case. Everyone had an agenda from the beginning guns and politics and stand your ground. None of those things had anything to do with this case. George Zimmerman was found not guilty based upon regular self-defense laws and justifiable homicide. Everyone should hope that those laws aren’t changed. One case shouldn’t cause everyone to lose the right to defend themselves. I don’t think the Stand Your Ground law is perfect, but it has nothing to do with this case. People should be careful about writing reactionary laws. They tend to hurt innocent people at a later date, who don’t get media coverage.

          I agree that the Sunshine Law is terrible. The media has abused it for years and continues to. One example, the media told everyone George Zimmerman was a racist (even editing a 911 call to make him look like it), but you didn’t hear that argued at trial, did you? That’s because there is no real evidence of it. Yet, the media continues to make excuses as to why they are almost always wrong about trials or evidence of some kind. This time, they are on a new kick about how trials aren’t about truth, but apparently the media is. The media controls our information flow and it gives them a massive amount of power. They can manipulate us if they wish and history tells us they have and continue to do so. People need to open up their eyes, just because there isn’t a state media station doesn’t mean the media tells us the facts. Instead of being motivated by the government to change stories they are motivated by greed.

          I don’t agree with your opinion on Zimmerman being guilty, however I respect your opinion and I respect you. I think that’s something this country needs a lot more of, respecting others and their viewpoints.


    • JanCorey says:

      Donia Thimons, even the jury indicates it was self-defense, don’t the facts matter to you? The facts mattered to the jury. And, now you come across as in total denial of the facts, is this the way you should be behaving? No, not in my opinion…


      • I have a problem with the self-defense, because both of them could have walked away…I myself volunteered with the GCSO ” Citizen on Patrol” in Florida. I was NOT allowed to even step out of my GCSO Patrol SUV…But Call in the dispacher for assistance. If George Zimmerman would have “OBSERVED the Rules…Trayvon Martin would be ALIVE today and none of this MEDIA Sensation would have been commercialized for Greed. INTEGRITY is an adherence to a Code of Moral, and Honesty. To me., in my opinion FDLE is out of control…and by “Florida precarious justice system…asserts VIGILANTISM” Who needs FDLE?


        • Just because you don’t believe in the law doesn’t make it against the law. You might not like the law in effect, but it is in effect and that is how he should be judged. If you want to change the law then lobby to change it, but change it for the better of everyone.

          George Zimmerman refused to join the citizens’ patrol, so he doesn’t have to follow those rules. He was a regular person. He was a liaison for the neighborhood watch program that was trying to start up, but it wasn’t successful because nobody wanted to become a “patrolman” so to speak. Regardless of what the prosecution says, there is no proof that he was patrolling the neighborhood as a coordinator, coordinators don’t patrol anyway. He is bound by the laws that we all are bound by. He was doing regular everyday things, like going to the store and he is allowed to get out of his car.

          You can’t blame George Zimmerman for the media, it doesn’t matter who it is. If it isn’t this case it’s the next. The media is culpable for their own actions, sensationalism has no bounds. They are out of control.

          Both George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin made mistakes and unfortunately, it led to a death, but I believe that Zimmerman was defending himself according to the law. I don’t believe that a mistake should send you to jail for 10 to 30 years or life (including enhancements). Florida law sets you up for failure. They say it is legal for you to carry a concealed gun everywhere, but if you use it they add an enhancement to your conviction for an exorbitant amount of time, if you are found guilty.


          • Please..Do not insult my intelligence. I do beleive in The Law and Observe The Law..

            Go tell your LAWLESS Fantasy to George Zimmerman…” Just because you don’t believe in the law.,doesn’t make it AGAINST the LAW to Kill ….another human being . “Thy Shall Not Kill” .
            Don’t you have a CONSCIENCE?

            I truly feel sorry for your ignorance about human beings having “The Right to Live”…


          • I certainly was not insulting your intelligence I thought we were having a civil discussion of differing viewpoints. I forgive you for saying I don’t have a conscience, that I’m lawless, and that I’m ignorant of the right to life because my viewpoint is different than yours. I try not to offend others with my viewpoint only spur conversation and change and I try to learn from others’ viewpoints. I didn’t mean anything personal because, as I stated before, I respect you and your opinion. I realize that this is a highly inflammatory case to our nation on both sides. I think it is important to discuss both sides equally and fairly. People choose to be divided, we could instead have discourse.


        • JanCorey says:

          Donia Thimons, it is not a crime to exit your vehicle or to even follow someone, especially if the police-dispatcher is asking which direction Trayvon went and what the address is. George Zimmerman was acquitted in case you didn’t hear yet. Might be time for you to look at the person who was really at fault in this case, Trayvon Martin and the prosecution team.


      • I should add., the fact that George Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty” of any wrongdoing shooting Trayvon Martin in the heart, Florida’s precarious justice system is setting the trend to VIGILANTISM…You can expect thousands of Zimmerman’s on “Neighbor “HOOD” Watch to Shoot First and Ask Questions Later accross the Land. Stand Your Ground :
        …A New Law Promoting Militarization accross The United States…If you thinks it’s bad Now…
        Think again…. The worst is yet to come…especially in Florida!


  5. JanCorey says:

    According to the Prosecution’s case and their Rebuttal, there is no doubt that George Zimmerman is not guilty of the crimes he was charged with. Now, it may be time to charge those failed-prosecutors with Malicious Prosecution of a crime victim and send them to prison for the same time they sought against victim-Zimmerman.


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