George Zimmerman was acquitted at 10:04 p.m. EST.  I respect the jury’s decision as should everyone else.

Should George Zimmerman Have Been Found Not Guilty?

The State of Florida v. George Zimmerman Trial Day Summaries:

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Jury Instructions

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  1. So many fools who obviously believe anything they are told by the “black community” so-called “leaders” and the Sybrina Martin vendetta and cash machine. It wasn’t even close, there never was a case, it was a political show trial.


  2. jean harper says:

    GZ is a child killed who now walks free and possesses a permit to carry a loaded firearm to kill again. I am not pro prosecution, nor pro GZ. Instead, I am pro justice. Defense put on a good show, but it doesn’t add up. I feel quite embarrassed when I see the defense lawyer slamming that dummy into the concrete. That idea is preposterous. I am a medical person. I know that scalp injuries normally bled a lot,,due to having a large vascular area. had GZ’s head had been slammed as portrayed, his scalp would have been torn away, the scull would have been shattered like an egg shell and his brains would have been scattered over the area. Also, being the sole survivor, his story was slanted to self survival, of course he told it his way. He did not even require medical attention, the lacerations were too small to suture. this does not make for a life or death struggle. his defense team should have used a more believable scenario. however, it is what it is. I hope he sleeps well at night knowing he did not stand up and be a man and take responsibility for his actions.


    • The law reads that you don’t have to wait until your death is imminent. What you fear in your mind about the situation is what matters, is it reasonable with the circumstances (i.e. pitch dark, injuries, screaming for help for more than 40 seconds and nobody coming, being taken by surprise, not to mention the atmosphere of the neighborhood, etc.)?

      If you are a medical personnel then you know that George Zimmerman had punctate bruising on both of his temples, so he had to hit a rough surface. The only rough surface was the concrete. His head had to hit that concrete at minimum twice. Not to mention his other injuries, for example his displaced nose, his lumpy swollen head, etc.


    • Well, the problem is George couldn’t get to his phone to call you for an examination to reassure him just how long he should wait while getting the crap beaten out of himself before he could end the assault to your satisfaction? Why don’t you post your number and I’ll keep it handy myself if ever I’m on the receiving end of a “whoop ass” session. I wouldn’t want to defend myself unless I was absolutely certain I had reached that moment just before death that I could still manage off a round.


  3. Lon Spector says:

    Zimmerman is not out of the woods by any means. There are still possible Federal indictments to consider. Remember the acquittal of the police officers in the Rodney King case? They were retried and later convicted on the federal level. Zimmerman shouldn’t count his chickens before they’re hatched. He should consider leaving this country while there’s still time.


    • The police officers in the Rodney King case were caught on video using force incorrectly. They were a part of the long history of corruption in the LAPD. They were racists. George Zimmerman is not a police officer and he did not commit police brutality against an innocent person. The DOJ had to charge the police officers federally in that case because sadly, the racist corruption spread into the trial. The Zimmerman case is completely different. The evidence in the Rodney King case clearly pointed towards an incorrect use of force by government employees. The Zimmerman case was a question of how much force are citizens allowed to use by law. That is what the jury decided. They decided that George Zimmerman did not act in an inappropriate manner that disregarded life. Sadly, like George Zimmerman said, this case wasn’t caught on video. According to the evidence, you can assume that it would have showed something different then what happened on that King video. Thankfully, people didn’t react the way they did then and kill innocent people and loot and destroy. Rodney King could have been a beacon for change in the LAPD instead he became a symbol for unsolved murders.

      I know you are not saying this Lon, but I’m sick of people trying to shove other people out of the country because their “entertainment” didn’t end the way they wanted. George Zimmerman has every right to be here, he is an American. I find it sickening that the Constitution is thrown to the wayside for these trial gawkers. No one who has stood trial in the United States either on TV or not on TV should leave the country. They belong here and they deserve their rights. I think he should consider leaving Florida as I think everyone there should be highly wary of their precarious justice system and horrid laws. It is unAmerican to tell someone to leave because they were found not guilty and you disagree. I think everyone should fight for what’s there’s and it is his right to live where he wants to live and I hope that he hasn’t lost so much faith in the American people that he leaves. I hope everyone who has to endure trial by media stays. This is a beautiful country as long as you stay away from the trial groupies.


  4. It’s becoming very dangerous to be a “Juror in Florida”…It’s like being drafted in the Military! It helps to know all the FACTS…Justice seems to be just ice melting away in Their $un$hine $tate of Mind$.


    • JanCorey says:

      Every non-criminal adult should own and carry a gun and use it against anyone that causes them great bodily harm or puts them in imminent fear of death…imo.


  5. JanCorey says:

    George Zimmerman acquitted and Trayvon Martin is dead as a result of attacking and bashing Zimmerman‘s head onto the cement sidewalk;…thanks to the jurors who provided a verdict for the truth. Let the lawsuits against the state and against Trayvon’s parents begin!


  6. You’re right, you can disagree with the decision, but you should respect the jury. People won’t though. Televised trials are like sports games now. People who just saw their favorite team lose are going to attack the jury.


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