At a hearing in federal bankruptcy court that started at 3:00 p.m. EST, Judge May ruled that the two defamation suits against Casey Anthony will proceed in federal court and not in the Orange County Circuit.  Zenaida Gonzalez claims that Casey Anthony defamed her reputation in 2008 and Roy Kronk claims that Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez defamed him.  Gonzalez and Kronk wanted their cases to continue in Orange County Circuit Court, but the federal judge agreed with Anthony’s attorneys that the cases would be more efficient, cost-effect, and aggravation saving if they were held in federal court.

During the brief hearing, Judge May said Anthony is “destitute” and has no money.  He went on to say that if Anthony were to lose in state court, she couldn’t pay anyway.  If the claims are dischargeable, May said, why use the resources in state court?  Judge May ordered that Kronk and Gonzalez both have 21 days to file a claim if they want to.  The claims, if filed, will proceed in bankruptcy court.

Following the hearing, Howard Marks, Kronk’s attorney, said Kronk was looking forward to court and that he will be filing a claim.  Anthony’s attorneys also said they were pleased with the ruling.

It is unclear where Texas Equusearch’s lawsuit stands.  In May, they filed an objection to discharge and they recently filed a notice that they would like to depose Casey Anthony, George Anthony, and Cindy Anthony.  Peter Russin, TES’ lawyer, wants to depose Anthony on July 22 in St. Petersburg.  Russin wants to depose both George and Cindy Anthony on July 23 in Orlando.  Anthony’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the TES lawsuit saying the company hasn’t alleged that Anthony willfully and maliciously sought to damage the company.

There was no decision made on turning over Anthony’s laptop, a motion made by the trustee in the case.  A decision has been continued until August.

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Why don’t “they” leave the poor girl alone. It was obviously God’s Will that she be accquited.
    Kronk and Gonzales are nothing but parasites. We are obligated to show that ALL people can
    be reformed. We can prove the haters wrong. People should contribute tips and suggestions
    about how Casey can overcome her predicament.
    Casey is a cultural/spiritual lesson for all of us in how to love! Let’s not waste 1 second in hate.
    The hand of God is here somewhere.


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