I have always been of the mind that people are not bad.  They do bad things.  A distinction that is not to be underestimated.  It seems in times of trial and tribulation, there comes triumph for some, but hatred for more.

The Jodi Arias trial hasn’t been the most tumultuous in history, but it certainly has been contentious.  The defense’s actions yesterday, were a long time coming. Kirk Nurmi was visibly upset.  He was not throwing a tantrum as social media would put it, but instead forcefully and assertively laying out how he believes Jodi Arias’ rights were infringed upon.  I found his statements to be poignant and on point.

Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott are wonderful attorneys.  For your client to go on TV and blame you and then for you to go to trial the next day and take the heat by saying you cannot represent your client the way they deserve, is exceptional.

He was right, the jury should have been sequestered.  It should in fact be a requirement for high-profile cases to ensure that the verdict is from the facts and not the rumor mill.  He was right that because the jury was not sequestered the cameras posed a bigger danger than usual.  Cameras in courtrooms are supposed to serve to preserve the defendant’s rights in a public trial.  We, as the viewers, are supposed to be making sure that the government isn’t violating the Constitution.  But, too many viewers seem to have a completely different interpretation.

I don’t think people want to know what a bad attorney is.  They would be lucky to have attorneys like the ones they see on TV in these cases.  But, 9 times out of 10, you aren’t going to get attorneys like Kirk Nurmi, Jennifer Willmott, Jose Baez, or Cheney Mason (to name a few).  Nope, you are going to get the guy who falls asleep in court, doesn’t remember your name because he is overworked and underpaid as a public defender, hounds you to take a plea deal even if you aren’t guilty because he has to clear his cases, has done so many plea deals he bumbles through trial because he is out of practice, the attorney with an alcohol problem, the attorney who doesn’t investigate your case because you don’t have the money, and so many more real horror stories.  Everyone deserves to have a defense like the ones that the attorneys I mention can give, but most people can’t and don’t get them.  People seem to take this for granted.  Creating Facebook pages and distorted photoshopped images about how no one should ever hire Jennifer Willmott, but they also make ones about how people should hire TV defense attorneys, like Jason Lamm.  The same Jason Lamm who just yesterday had something he wanted millions of viewers to know, his “theory of fecal adhesion”.  What he was referring to in this segment was how defense attorneys, who have guilty clients, can’t think of any defense so they just start coming up with crap.  Then, they throw all of this crap at the jury and hope that it “sticks” to them.  (Of course, they never have innocent clients, right?)  Yes, that is Lamm’s view of his duty to honor the Court and Constitution.  Is that the man you want representing you in the court or your loved one?  Or do you want someone who throws down their career, not once, but twice in front of millions of viewers and says they cannot competently proceed in representing you, pursuant to your rights under the Constitution?  This is what Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott have done twice during the Arias trial.

Do you realize what you are asking for?  You would get the one that decimates your chances of a fair trial and then when you file a motion for relief based upon incompetent counsel, testifies that they did everything they could.  It was your fault, somehow, that they fell asleep, or didn’t remember a piece of evidence, or gave you bad advice.  Yes, it is your fault that they don’t know their job.  It is your fault that the government doesn’t invest enough in public defenders.  It is all your fault, the client.  The one who didn’t get the fair trial they were promised by their country.

Judges are supposed to be so unbiased that they can look at themselves when challenged and say, yes I was wrong and overrule themselves.  They often fail on that front.  The alternative that the judge gave to the defense as the reason for overruling their mistrial motion was not an alternative at all.  It was much-praised on television, but it really fell flat.  Judge Stephens was making a record to cover herself.  The problem is that allowing witnesses to testify in private, in a sealed proceeding has nothing to do with the issue.  The issue isn’t that they don’t want to be on TV, that was already addressed with Darryl Brewer.  The issue is that if they testify at all and do not publicly denounce Jodi Arias, psychotic people will be informed by the media that the witnesses still testified and they will go after them.  They are afraid and because of this, we cannot know the whole story and neither can the jury.

It is just plain Constitutionally unacceptable, not to mention inhumane for the public to threaten witnesses and their livelihood.  It isn’t American.  We have enough flaws in our system to deal with, why are we going to add more?  We should want the entire story.  The jury can be trusted to make an intelligent decision, most of the time, with the facts they are given.  The question should be are the facts they are given truthful?

Juan Martinez took his opportunity in front of the cameras and the court to not cite any law to support his position, no, instead he attacks a witness that isn’t testifying because the public is attacking her.  He gives the clearly unstable people who are threatening her more fodder.  Juan Martinez was wrong to do a couple things he did;  (1) sign autographs outside the courthouse, (2) pose for photographs with “fans” like Dr. Drew’s jurors, (3) scream at witnesses all the time, (4) throw things around the courtroom, (5) have outbursts (you don’t get to ask the questions!), (6) using Travis Alexander’s autopsy photos prejudicially with one witness, (7) making it personal with several witnesses, and (8) misstating testimony to the jury.  Whether you think Jodi Arias is guilty or not, is not relevant to what job Martinez did.  It just isn’t true that Juan Martinez had to resort to the tactics he chose in order to convict Jodi Arias.  I’ve said it from the moment Juan Martinez turned the courthouse into his red carpet, a better prosecutor wouldn’t have done those things.  Juan Martinez has no excuse to disparage witnesses or defense counsel.  The media has no excuse to go along with it and add to it.  The public has no excuse to be so heartless.  The ends do not justify the means.

It took about five seconds for the nickname Patty Pothead to hit the social media circuit.  Everything in our world is fast, including hatred.

Certain things can co-exist together and it is extreme to believe they cannot.  I believe Juan Martinez is a terrible prosecutor.   I believe that Jodi Arias is guilty.  I believe that the defense attorneys did a great job.  You do not have to believe anything, it is a free country!  These ideas do not contradict one another.  What I also witnessed was that Travis Alexander was not perfect and he said disturbing things no one should say.  The judge was on the worst judge I have ever seen in a televised trial.  She can’t even pronounce ex parte!!  Not to mention that she would literally sustain one objection and then overrule that same objection for an identical question right away. For example, Martinez would ask a question and the defense would object, the judge would sustain. Martinez would ask the same question verbatim, the defense would object again pointing out that it was the same question, the judge would over rule and allow it.  What law allows this?  Her inexperience in capital cases shows.

People who watch the trial have attacked many of those that testified in Jodi Arias‘ defense.  They disparaged Patti Womack for having drug problems (assuming she does).  Having drug problems does not make you a bad person.  Travis Alexander’s parents had drug problems and you can see how much grief the family suffered when it was talked about openly at trial.  The same people who say good things about the Alexander family are the ones saying bad things about Womack because of drug use.  That makes no sense.

People have attacked a perceived welfare status of some possible witnesses.  Whether this true or not, I do not know and neither do I care.  I think it is sad that anyone would take a person’s socioeconomic status as any proof of their worth or honesty.  People have also liked pointing out that Jodi Arias has only a few friends and Travis Alexander has tons, as though you are defined by your number of friends?

In the most vain conversations, both on and off TV, people talk about what everyone is wearing, their hairdos, etc.  That doesn’t matter.  They look nice!  It’s court after all.  Talk about something important!  The Jodi Arias trial isn’t a fashion show.

These “court sporters” as they are ignorantly referred to as are terrible on both ends of the spectrum.  Why are people so extreme?  On the Jodi Arias supporters’ side, they seem to understand the law much better than those who support Travis Alexander, but they also have made several reproachful comments.  They posted a picture of Travis Alexander’s body bag with various comments about justice.  They also came up with nicknames for people like Tot Doc or Travis Taliban.  On the other side, Travis Alexander supporters, have their own arsenal of hatred:  comparing Jodi Arias’ family to a rotten tree that bears evil fruits, calling them losers, lying about them laughing during the photos of Travis Alexander’s autopsy, talking about Kirk Nurmi being fat (fatso), calling Jodi Arias’ friend Patty Pothead, and calling Alyce LaViolette, LaToilette.

The telephone game that is played on the Internet would be amusing if it wasn’t so tragic.  There have been accusations of everything from child endangerment to arson against those that even talk to Jodi Arias.  What is the matter with people?

Travis Alexander’s brother and sister had moving victim impact statements.  All victim impact statements are emotionally charged.  Do you know what else is emotional?  Jodi Arias‘ family watching the hatred pointed at their loved one.  You know how Travis Alexander’s family said they felt when Jodi Arias accused him of abuse, well that is the same way Jodi Arias‘ family feels being the victim of the public doing the same thing to all of them.   I feel for the family, but I don’t believe in making someone a saint to destroy another human being.  Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias are people and as such they have issues and flaws.

This is what happens when the media covers trials in this way.  A long time ago, there was a channel called CourtTV.  They showed trials and actually taught people how the justice system worked.  In just a few years time, things have changed dramatically, both the types of people who view trials and the trial coverage.  CourtTV kept their anchors from talking about their opinion nonstop, they demanded that they talk about what was actually happening on the screen and in court.  They made them teach us, so that we could make up our own mind.  Now, trial coverage is full of opinions and without facts, how are we to make up our minds?  At least, reliably anyway.

Why do people waste their energy, their prayers, or their thoughts on comments such as these?

I didn’t see any compassion from Wurmi or WilNot. WilNot was drawing pictures for Jodi to trace and was being totally disrespectful to the Alexander family.

Why would the attorneys show compassion?  They didn’t do anything wrong and this is their job.  You might only watch one terrible trial at a time on TV, but they live it.  There are trials in every county in the U.S.  Juan Martinez wasn’t tearing up, but nobody said anything about that.  It is just outrageous that people think that defendant’s just sit there and pretend to write, but now attorneys do too?  You can’t be serious.  Is it true that Jodi Arias wasn’t taking notes for trial, but drawing?  Yes, but that is just her.  Jennifer Willmott was taking notes for the next phase, the next thing they need to say, the next motion, and for the appellate attorney later.

“IT” wants a sequestered jury…”IT” wants no media coverage of the trial …. BUT, she wants to get n TV every chance she gets!!!!! Disgusting biotch! EVIL is ALL she is … EVIL I SAY!

You should want a sequestered jury too.  Do you even watch the media and social media coverage?  Everyone should be afraid for their rights.  Yes, Jodi Arias got on TV and did many interviews, but that isn’t because she is disgusting.  It is because she clearly is not mentally stable.  She is not evil, she is in need of therapy.

oh baloney…there are no death threats, people could care less about this person, there is nothing she can say to justify the butcher. No one cares about this person. . . she is of no value.

To even utter these words, you have to have some darkness inside of you.  You can’t honestly believe that you are full of nothing but light when you dehumanize others.  And you must live on a different planet, no threats?  Are you serious?

There making so much money from this case no wonder there dragging this case on. Kill the bitch already. STOP DRAGGING THIS CASE!!! Enough already

Wonderful.  This is how people really are.  You want an insight into the dark corners of a person’s mind, here you go.  “Kill the bitch already.”  Wow.

If Nurmi and Wilma want off Stabby’s case, why do they continue to coordinate their wardrobes??? Just sayin! They look like mom, dad and their devil daughter all dressed a like for a days outing! JEEZ!

Anybody notice the back of JA brothers head… He has a huge scar… I wonder if that’s from JA beating him with a baseball bat when he was little? and if so JA is an evil monster to even little kids who are blood and is a HUGE threat to society!!!

And now we are just making things up!  It amazes me how easily people can believe things.  So easily, they even can convince themselves of something that has no source of credibility.  Something they know they made up in their own mind.  This isn’t the only person that just believes what they make up themselves out of thin air, check out this person:

JA mistreated Darryl Brewers son??? I didn’t even know Brewer had a son. Its very sad if she did hurt that poor boy!!

Here is another small sampling:

This little conniving skank managed to prolong her miserable life for 2 extra weeks with all of these shenanigans. Can’t they deduct the 2 weeks from her death day… you know, sort of like they deduct for time served only in reverse?

let this ugly monster Jodi Arias vomit her appeals from Death Row

I played this back again. Hodi’s manipulation supercedes her respect to the judge and the court. While the judge was saying her rulings, she wasn’t even listening but talking to Wil. She knew how it would be ruled and was busy calling the shots. Unbelievable

This defence team has made a mockery of the justice system

Be Done Judge Be Done..NO More Delays Please..let this family go home..and send J to hell in anyway you can


Baby Huey & Whiney Wilma are the WORST attorneys EVER!!!

Nurmi knows what the job of the Prosecutor is, he will use everything and anything to delay. I am so sick of Stabby, Gabby, and Flabby running the show at the taxpayer’s expense

Dumb Dumber & KILLER need we say more?

it is beyond ridiculous already!! She should no longer be entitled to have “rights” that “have been violated”. She is a convicted murderer. End of story

It’s disgusting how many rights this deviant, lying psychopath has. Travis has none and that is what’s wrong with this Justice System.

Do you know who else was a convicted murderer?  Kirk Bloodsworth, Seth Penalver, Anthony Porter, Damon Thibodeaux, do you know who these people are?  They were convicted killers who weren’t killers at all.  They were innocent and sentenced to death.  The chances that Jodi Arias is wrongly convicted is a small one, but to say that people convicted of murder should not get rights is showing the ignorance people have to the reality of our human justice system.  And it also shows that people can easily disregard another’s human status.  People convicted of crimes are human beings and no amount of nicknaming or degrading will change that.  And when they are actually guilty, how exactly are we showing them rehabilitation when we outwardly promote this type of attitude?

The misunderstanding of the law is scarily common, take this for example:

Jodi Arias is the Queen of the stall. She’s stalled for five plus years…what’s one more day!

She stalled for 5 years?  If by stalling you mean following procedures of the law that are in place to make sure that we don’t convict an innocent person in a capital case (which fail anyway), then sure she was stalling.

Burn Stabby Burn!

The worst part of the whole thing is that the media says nothing about it.  They have the platform to stop this bullying.  They know how many people follow them and like them and are “fans” of them.  The ironic thing is that they actually say that they support ending bullying.  That would be funny if it weren’t so untrue.

The public has attacked Alyce LaViolette because she defends women who are abused by their partners and she works with the men who abuse to help them grow as a human being.  But, this isn’t what the public talks about.  They talk about her being a man hater because she has dedicated her life to domestic violence victims, who tend to be women.  They talk about her short haircut and call her a “lesbo” because of it.  Not only is this offensive to women, but also to homosexuals.  Why didn’t Jane Velez-Mitchell say anything about it?  This reminds me of the Dharun Ravi case.  On TruTV’s InSession coverage, Vinnie Politan and Mike Brooks had a very macho and homophobic discussion about how Tyler Clementi having his shirt off with his boyfriend and making out with him was not sexual because guys walk around with their shirts off.  What?!  They basically said that Dharun Ravi didn’t do anything wrong.  That is outrageous!  But, I don’t expect anything different from the leaders of Bully Nation themselves.  Jane Velez-Mitchell didn’t say anything about that either, so I’m not sure what I expected from her in this case.

No one has stood up on TV and said that Alyce LaViolette’s sexual orientation has nothing and should have nothing to do with the case.  Certainly, it has nothing to do with her character or experience.  The fact that people are actually using it, like it is a way to make fun of people is disgusting.

The words people choose:  skank, ho, trash, it.  I feel angry at myself for just writing it down.  It is deplorable.  No wonder people see nothing wrong with the way Travis Alexander treated Jodi Arias in the messages that he sent her or in the references about the 12-year-old girl he made on the phone sex recording.  What I found outrageous is why people don’t understand why their children are bullies?  They learn from you.

People think Jodi Arias is a selfish person, well I wouldn’t call the kettle black, if I were you.

People are all over social media talking about how they can’t take it anymore.  They cry about it, they have migraines, they can’t stand it, they need therapy, it’s lame, it’s killing them that it is taking so long.  Well, how do you think the families feel?  How do you think the attorneys feel?  How do you think Jodi Arias feels?  You want your trial to take time to have it done right, but 5 years is a long time.  People should be interested in the justice system.  People should understand the justice system.  People should care about their rights.  But, people shouldn’t act as though their feelings are at the core of the case.  Feeling for the families, supporting one side or the other, being emotional is one thing, but posting things like this is another:

I am so tired of all this “crap” coming from her defense. Admit defeat and get on with your lives.

It isn’t about you!

Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander, she wasted her life.  That isn’t the question in the sentencing phase, that was the question for the innocence/guilt phase.  The question here is what are you going to do?  Are you going to waste her life too?  Are you going to endorse her murder?  Are you going to make the same decision she did when she killed Travis Alexander.  They had a toxic relationship that led to this occurring.  Jodi Arias is disturbed and she needs help.  She killed Travis Alexander out of hatred, in the moment.  My question to you is:  who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you see the Jodi Arias that killed Travis Alexander inside of you?  Do you say things like stabby and give derogatory nicknames to others?  Do you wear your hatred on your sleeve?

Or do you see the Jodi Arias that Darryl Brewer saw?  Jodi Arias is not a bad person, she is a person with mental issues.  She is a talented artist. Many people seem to think that Jodi Arias has no mitigating factors.  This is just not true.  Everyone has something redeeming about them.  The public mocks Jodi Arias listing her art as a mitigating factor.  They call it stupid.  What’s stupid is not recognizing that the mitigating factor is that Jodi Arias wasted her talent, is the jury going to waste it too?

Do you recognize that the question before us is not what Jodi Arias has done or what has happened to Travis Alexander, but what kind of society we are?

Travis Alexander wrote on his Being Better blog all about making the world a better place.  Do you think the way people act on social media and on news stations like HLN, makes the world a better place?  Do you think killing Jodi Arias will make the world a better place?  Whose lives will that change?

I’ll tell you.  Her family’s.  Jodi Arias destroyed a lot of people’s lives.  Why destroy more?

If we want to honor Travis Alexander’s legacy, it is my opinion, that we should open our hearts to Jodi Arias and save her life.  Religion played an important role in the trial.  God has been, unsurprisingly, invoked by many on social media.  It wasn’t all positive, some people wrote about praying to God to kill Jodi Arias.  If you believe in God, I would think that you would not waste your prayer on spreading pain and suffering, but instead on spreading Jesus’ light.  Travis Alexander was a religious man.  He spoke at his church often and went on missions with his church.

If you are religious and you believe that Travis Alexander is in heaven with the Lord, then you will also know that he is at peace.  The Lord has proscribed to us love and to not judge, lest we be judged.  Why do you not want to save her soul?

Travis Alexander did not deserve to be murdered, neither does Jodi Arias.  No one does.  Clearly, if you go from testifying on the stand saying that your mother abused you to an interview saying that she is a “saint”, there is something wrong with you.

As a society, we are not judged by how we treat people like Travis Alexander, but how we treat people like Jodi Arias.  It is easy to open your heart to a victim.  It is easy to point fingers and pick a person to mob.  It is easy to saint someone.  It isn’t easy to maintain moral conviction or understanding to the worth and value of every single person.  It isn’t easy to have the patience and open-mindedness to search for the truth and not the easy answer.  It isn’t easy to love everyone, but nothing good comes easy.

Everyone says that they want the truth in cases, well I’ll give it a shot.  Justice isn’t blood lust.  Justice isn’t comeuppance.  Justice isn’t the harshest punishment in the book.  Justice is the truth.  It is a public telling of the truth.  That is justice.  A victim is avenged when the truth is spoken.  No amount of jail time or blood spilling brings people back.  The family will never completely heal.  There is no such thing as closure.  The only thing that helps a victim is the truth, not a body.

We wonder how Jodi Arias can be so hateful, can kill another person?  What are you wishing for?

I think the lesson to learn in this case is that we only have ourselves to blame for our Bully Nation.  You’ve got people on social media being as hateful as they can muster and giving themselves an excuse too.  “She’s a murderer.”  No, you are responsible for your actions, so if you hate you can’t throw it off on her.  Then, you’ve got people on news shows giving mixed messages.  I watched the Teen Mom finale, in one segment, Dr. Drew talked about how horrible it was that the “stars” were bullied on social media.  Wow, what a hypocrite.  Bullying is Dr. Drew’s day job.  Why do we wonder why kids bully?  They go on social media, they watch TV, they hear their parents deriding another person.  They just grow up and copy it.  They learn that if we don’t like another person, then it is okay to treat them like garbage.  It is not.

This is not a game.  This is not a show.  This is life or the end of it.

Note:  All indented quoted comments are actual, verbatim thoughts written online from people in our country and the world.

  1. cb says:

    At last a web site that states the facts not just opinion… Always felt a little bad for JA…TA mentally and emotionally abused her….Her mental status is not as strong as some and she was deeply in love with a man who cared little for her as a human…nor did he deserve death….but he was not the Better Being like all portray….he fooled with her weak emotions and she snapped….of course she deserves punishment…..but the attitude of the general public is child like…..they act like they knew each and every character in the play personally….the media made such a circus out of the case….I am sure JA brought them some big bucks and big ratings


  2. JustI says:

    Great post! It scares me and saddens me how some who have followed/reported on this case(and other cases) have acted and the things that have been said. What really disgusted me is those who cheer outside the courthouse like some sporting event. Its a sad thing, two lives gone forever and two families devastated. Nothing to cheer about. To me these type of people who say those hateful things want their guilty verdict to feel justified in their hate. and I agree, even though to me he may have been abusive to Jodi he did not deserve to be killed and she shouldn’t be either. I feel the jury was tainted though so i think she could get dp, but i doubt the case is over. She has good grounds for an appeal being granted even if its years away. That’s what can happen when you have a biased judge who had no control and an overzealous prosecutor.


    • I agree. I believe there was some kind of abuse. I know there was emotional/verbal abuse. It isn’t a matter of believing her at this point, you can read it in the emails and texts. People who use arguments like, “you actually believe her? she’s a liar!” are using red herrings and smoke screens because they have no real reason not to read the emails and texts and hear what’s on that recording. The hateful people who say those comments and cheer outside the courthouse don’t understand that the words he used are extremely hurtful and wrong to say to anyone, but especially someone you are involved with. Because they use those words too, they can’t see that it is wrong because then they would have to admit they are wrong to use them. Abuse is abuse and bullying is bullying. For that alone, I don’t believe she should get the death penalty. She does have hope in how poorly the case was run by the judge (her most recent screw up was charging the jury wrong!).


    • JanCorey says:

      You summarized this case so well JustI , great job!


  3. Lon Spector says:

    Why don’t we accept the fact that this is just another “sexed-up” trial?
    Nobody would give a hoot about Arias/Alexander if they weren’t so attractive. Certainly not
    the media. People could care less.
    Many people believe that Jodi’s receiving her “just desserts” though they certainly wouldn’t
    mind Jodi being on their “menu.”
    It’s total hypocrasy, like that old Cher song, “Gypsies Tramps, and Theives.”
    Now HLN has the next sex-ed up case lined up. Woe to the “plain” inner city dweller who’s
    pigment is too dark to called “pretty.”


    • I agree, in theory. Certainly HLN chooses their “stories” based upon the same or similar criteria as studios choose movies and shows. But, that doesn’t mean that others don’t care or should care. People who have commented here, me, and I’m sure most of my followers care. It is just a matter of changing whose voice is the loudest. This is one of the reasons I do this. You have to start somewhere. Even though I don’t have as many followers as them, everyone’s opinion matters. Changing just one person’s mind makes it worth it. If I can change more that would be great.


  4. Margaret says:

    The Bible speaks of NOT condemning people to Hell. We are called to judge, if you will, as this Jury is to do. We are to respect & follow the laws of our land. There isn’t anything wrong with Jodi being sentenced to death if that is what is handed down based on the law. Those jurors aren’t murders if they impose it. I don’t agree with the extremely hateful death wishes that people have expressed towards Jodi, but I do believe that the death penalty is warranted in her case. It is to be used as a deterrent in our court system, which I believe it does. Jodi showed no mercy upon Travis & frankly, God is the only one who can show Jodi mercy; regardless of what the jury sentences her to.


  5. ralpheeb says:

    Bravo!! Once again you are right on the money. I find it so disgusting how the public is behaving.The bullying is reprehensible. I believe NO ONE has the right to decide if someone else should die. Unfortunately, I believe this jury will give her the death penalty. The media, especially HLN, should be ashamed of themselves. Vinnie Politan and Mike Brookes act like a couple of gooney 7th graders tittering among themselves about the “Bad Jodi” “Bad” sex. The Hodi and Stabby bit makes me want to scream. I wish more people read your work.
    Thoughtful, smart ,and incredibly wonderful writing..


    • JanCorey says:

      Ditto, well said.


    • Mary says:

      I agree Ralpheeb. I can’t watch HLN at all now. It always leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. I had it on for about 5 minutes today. They were all so repulsed by Jodi showing the jury the t-shirt she designed. You would think she was drawing pictures of TA’s corpse for personal enjoyment instead of contributing to charity. Nobody knows Jodi’s motive for this (supporting the survivors of domestic violence charities) but that isn’t the point. What she is doing is a positive thing. I doubt she’ll sell many t-shirts anyways.
      The talking heads of HLN have to keep the mob outraged so they can milk every rating point they can before the trial ends.They will fill the void quickly though. I bet Nancy Grace has her team scouring public records and court houses now for the next case. Then the outrage manufacturing machine begins anew. I bet they have a formula they follow just like sitcom writers. Some sex, jealousy and a little mental instability. They’ll have a hit if the perpetrator just happens to be an attractive female. Unlike sitcoms, this formula isn’t funny.
      The worst of it is they all do it for money. There’s where the true evil lies.


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