The trustee overseeing Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy case has filed a motion to sell the rights to her story so she can pay her debts.  In a motion filed Friday in federal court in Tampa, trustee Stephen Meininger asked Judge K. Rodney May for permission to sell the “exclusive worldwide rights” of Anthony’s life story.  “Due to the intense public interest in Debtor and the Property, the Trustee believes that there will be interest from others in purchasing the Property,” the motion reads.  An auction, with bidding, is the “best way to maximize the value for the Estate and its creditors.”.  Meininger, through his attorney, said he thinks that her story has value and should be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  One man, Meininger wrote, has already offered to pay $10,000 for Anthony’s life story so he can prevent her from publishing or profiting from it in the future.  Meininger points out that the man’s offer is not contingent on Anthony’s cooperation or participation. Anthony’s life story – including details about her childhood and the disappearance and death of Caylee – is referred to as “the Property” in the motion. 

This is against a whole squadron of rights, maybe every right a person can have, including, but not limited to:  First, Fifth, and privacy rights.  Talk about the government intruding into your life, how much more intrusive can you get than the government going in your head for someone else’s profit and entertainment?  Your thoughts are not property to be bartered, auctioned, or sold no matter how famous, infamous, average, or innocuous you are.  This is insulting to the ideals of individualism and freedom.  It is time to end this case’s sensationalism and exploitation once and for all.  I hope the judge, who said he was sympathetic to security concerns and felt, even though he didn’t want the case, it was the responsible thing to do, returns to court and decides that this is a ridiculously unlawful solution.  It is insulting to privacy concerns as well as the Constitution.  Not to mention inhumane to a person who has faced enough media scrutiny for 100 people.  I hope he notes that the only creditor to show up is the disputed creditor, Gonzalez.  I hope he treats her like the regular person she is, period.

How can it be legal or right to take someone’s life story without their cooperation?  She has not licensed her story to anyone, so this isn’t the same as O.J. Simpson, he had actual property to be taken.  This is tantamount to taking abstract ideas from her brain, not to mention hijacking her memories.  If a federal judge grants this what is next?  Can we sell an author’s next big idea before it is ever on paper?  Can we sell the mental blueprint to the next greatest invention?  What happens to the next person railroaded by the media?  I guess the most tragically ironic part of this whole thing is that people have lied to themselves and others for years about not wanting to hear her side and she hasn’t wanted to tell it, but now those same people want her to be forced to tell it for the profit of others and their insatiable consumption.  Don’t count on the 10,000 dollars guy to be the only bidder, there will be publishers, filmmakers, and media organizations.  Casey Anthony, her daughter, and everything involved is just a way for them to make money, it has meant big bucks for them for 5 years.  They don’t want the truth, they want a fat wallet and they will do anything to get it, including stealing and suppressing others’ views and opinions (they’ve been doing it for 5 years in this case alone).   No one’s life story should be stolen from them.

I guess another irony is that Jose Baez would receive a majority of the money, followed by the sour grapes money that is owed to the government, then followed by all the defense experts, etc. who worked without pay, and that after all the other creditors, assuming that Gonzalez actual managed to win in civil court, there would be no money for her.  People have written tons of books, sold pictures, done interviews, gave their “expert” opinion, wrote songs, and made boatloads of money, even though they know nothing about the case or anyone involved.  She should be given the opportunity, it is her life.  This would only add insult to injury.

Enough was a long time ago in this case.  Why do we only want to listen to ourselves?  What ever happened to talking to the winners?  Maybe they won because they deserved to, we wouldn’t know because no one will shut their mouth long enough to discover if they are wrong or not.  What ever happened to the underdog?  What every happened to investigative reporting?  Telling both sides, being unbiased?  It seems like all people want to do is live in their hate-filled bubble obsessed with trial watching and believing that everyone charged is guilty and prosecutors are angels of justice who are held back by that criminal coddling document we call the Constitution.  Come on!

How would you feel if the government said to you that you must give some people your life story?  Your childhood, your teen years, the loss of a child, all of your pain and suffering, all of your happiness, all of your memories, facing death, being berated mercilessly by a public that ignores equality and the Constitution?   By the way, it isn’t contingent on your cooperation.  So that whole freedom thing, not for you!

Who knows what they will do with this unconstitutional information.  Will we really ever get to hear the other side or will it be hidden, so that we just continue to live in the echo chamber of a media soap opera that has proven to be wrong over and over again?  Is it contingent on them telling it completely and accurately?  Or are we doomed to live in a new world of rumors and hearsay that condemns everyone the media chooses to bully?

How can anyone think it is okay to force someone to talk about their life for the profit of others?  What happened to the meaning behind being found not guilty?  I thought this kind of stuff went out with debtor’s enslavement.  I thought the days of forcing someone to work for others for nothing to pay off debts were long gone and long condemned.  I hope the judge doesn’t continue this exploitation and tells the bankruptcy trustee and his lawyer that thoughts in a person’s head are not property.  The right and legal thing to do in this case is to just give Casey Anthony her bankruptcy like everyone else and leave her alone.  If she wants to speak she will, if she doesn’t she won’t, it is her right, we can be assured the media will continue to twist and exploit this case with or without new information though.

I don’t care whether you like Casey Anthony or not the law doesn’t say “only if you like this person should they be treated well” and doing what is right isn’t footnoted with “only if they’re popular”.  I don’t think people realize that the decision in this case isn’t just for her, it can be used for other cases.  Maybe yours, it can be expanded too.  Bottom line, you own your own life story and even if the media has forced fake celebrity on you, you should always maintain your rights and freedoms to talk or not talk about your past. It should disturb everyone that a trustee in a bankruptcy has filed a motion asking to take what’s in a person’s mind.  If a person has anything, it is their thoughts, and this is among other things, the epitome of privacy invasion.

  1. JI says:

    How can the trustee do this? I read today a hearing will be held ion 4/9th to see if the judge will agree with the motion, but she cant be forced to sit and tell all right? so what would happen? the only one who showed up at the creditor meeting was C. zenaidas lawyer who i dont know what their claiming when it isn’t like they won judgement in the farce civil suit, they aren’t owed anything. Its obvious that there is nothing that she has to go to her debt, nothing hidden. Its just wrong to try an auction off her life story bc some weirdo offered 10k for her silence.


    • This is Federal Court…Not a bargaining auction. The bankcruptcy $800K + , stems from the 9th
      District Circuit Court…Including Judge Perry’s Order for Casey to payback $217K to OCSO….
      for OCSO’s manpower to SEARCH for Caylee…(which they never did) in fact, FDLE violated
      the Federal Missing Children Search Act of 1990 aka Susanne Law. BUT., The FBI did investigate
      Caylee’s disappearance when Casey told them Caylee had been “KIDNAPPED” which is a Federal Offense and the FBI did investigate the 31 mysterious days…while Lead Detective Yuri Melich and SGT John Allen insisted Casey was a LIAR and had done Caylee herself…The Media was in charge of the bogus search ., which finding Caylee was never an Option but the Long standing In Session Florida Capital Murder Trial indicting Casey Marie Anthony of Capital Murder by a Florida Grand Jury on October 14th 2008…”WITHOUT a BODY” The Media made the News to generate billions if not trillions when they Elected Nancy Grace for the JOB!

      BUYING Casey’s SILENCE..would make her an ACCOMPLICE to Scamming, Defraud IRS, and
      Florida’s taxpayers for the 9th Distict Circuit Court’s Extravaganza it cost Florida Taxpayers. I am
      positive that Mega John Morgan and Morgan is the FIRST in Line to Pay for Casey’s Silence!

      I Hope and Pray..Casey will remain the FBI Star Witness and EXPOSE the Florida Sophists
      in accordance with the R.I.C.O Act!


  2. March 19th 2013 …
    Happy 27th Birthday Casey and many more!
    God Bless Always!


  3. STEPHEN MEININGER…hired by HLN’s Producers to COVER UP the TRUTH for Ever ???….

    What really did happened in the 9th District Circuit Court ,allowing HLN & Associates,to drag this Florida Nonsense Capital Murder Trial making the expenses of Taxpayers and attempting to BLOCK Casey Anthony the RIGHTS to her Life Story …to tell the Truth?

    Did the Court tell the Truth? Did the Media told the Truth?

    This Motion filed by Stephen Meininger is nothing but an attempt to Cover Up the court and the media’s illegallities in the murder trial…They would tell their OWN story..Queen Grace’s Story.

    Will Judge Perry’s ORDER to Casey Anthony to payback OCSO’s Manpower $217K for Caylee’s Search be revoked by Judge Rodney?

    Why did the media and court had blind faith in OCSO’s Lead Detective Yuri Melich in July 2008 …calling Casey Anthony a “LIAR” and Queen Grace Stick to it , still to this day!

    Only Casey can described the Mysterious 31 Days , It would be a great american injustice for any
    court to deprive Casey to tell her own “Life Story”,because no one else can tell the truth but Casey Anthony!


    • jynnxter says:

      There is an interesting obstacle that she faces. She only ever knew HALF of what happened…the half that describes the incidents that led to the few hours that Caylee was missing on June 14th. Caylee’s Worst of Worst Days.


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