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One can never know what is in the head of a jury member.  Their question can be fueled by many things from the mundane to the pivotal.   You cannot tell with any certainty where the juror who asked the question is at in the case.  Any analysis that states the contrary is false.  The media analysis is often effective to viewers because they are “experts” and the jury is shrouded in “mystery”.  Therefore, they have wide lee-way with what they can say about them, including:  their looks, actions, reactions, interest or boredom, amount of notes, etc.  We cannot see any differently, so they can say whatever they want about them.

(NOTE:  Questions are not in order, but are numbered as they were given.  Keep in mind my numbering may be slightly different than other sites.)

What I have done is group the questions according to their similarity of topic to show the possible “interest” areas of the jury members.  One question might fit into more than one category, so I grouped it in the category I thought was most relevant.  Here is a list of most questions to least questions according to topic (click read more to see each question):

  1. JUNE 4, 2008 (16 questions)
  2. MEMORY ISSUE/SHAKING/ETC. (15 questions)
  3. INCIDENTS OF ABUSE (6 questions), TRUTH/LIES (6 questions)
  4. GENERAL (5 questions)
  5. GAS (4 questions)
  6. RELATIONSHIP WITH ALEXANDER (3 questions), AFTER JUNE 4, 2008 (3 questions), JOURNALS (3 questions)
  7. INTERVIEWS (2 questions)

JUNE 4, 2008 (16 questions)

  • 13. If you were scared of what Travis Alexander was capable of doing, why would you ever allow him to tie you up?
  • 14. Was Travis tied up at any point 6/4/2008?
  • 17 (A). After you snatched the gun off the shelf, did you do anything to the gun such as cock it, manipulate the slide, etc. prior to it going off?
  • 17 (B). Had you ever had any firearms training, or fire a .25 caliber pistol prior to this event?
  • 18. How far away from you was Travis when the gun went off? Not when he lunged, but when the gun went off?
  • 19 (A). You stated you remember throwing the gun into the desert, but do you remember what happened to the box?
  • 19 (B). What about the holster?
  • 20. If Travis Alexander lunged at you, why didn’t you just move to the side out of his way?
  • 21. You remember dropping the knife and screaming, but don’t remember taking the gun or rope with you. Is that correct?
  • 22. You are stating you believe you stabbed Travis Alexander based on logic. How do you explain the bloody hands and clothing, and the palm print on the wall?
  • 23. If you were kneeling when you dropped the camera, how did it roll as far as it did?
  • 24. Was Travis Alexander sitting down when you dropped the camera?
  • 25. How did his anger escalate after you shot him?
  • 26. Was he chasing you after you shot him in the head?
  • 36. Why didn’t you just run out instead of grabbing the gun in the closet?
  • 37. You said when the gun went off you weren’t sure you shot Travis, so when you came out of the fog in Utah, why didn’t you call 911 to get him help?

AFTER JUNE 4, 2008 (3 questions)

  • 31. How many times did you try to kill yourself?
  • 48. How could you kiss another man when you knew what you just did to Travis?
  • 50. Would you agree that you came away from the 6/4/2008 incident relatively unscathed, while Travis had multiple stab wounds and a gun shot?

JOURNALS (3 questions)

  • 16 (A). You said the reason you didn’t write negative things in your journal because you thought Travis would read it. Is that correct?
  • 16 (B). If that is the case, why were you okay with leaving an entry in your journal that said Travis Alexander would be angry at you for going to Rachel’s house?
  • 16 (C). Why was it okay to write about Travis Alexander making you sad and happy or miserable?


  • 10. You mentioned the pain of sex is one of the reasons you brought KY into the relationship. What are the other reasons?
  • 29 (A). Did you enjoy having sex with Travis?
  • 29 (B). Did he force you to do things you didn’t want to do?

GENERAL (5 questions)

  • 9 (C). Have you ever had any situations where you have raised your voice?
  • 12. What was the date and time stamped on Exhibit 164?
  • 19 (C). Did [Travis Alexander] keep ammo?
  • 42. You claimed that everything happened so fast you didn’t have time to think, so how did you think to grab the gun?
  • 46. What happened to the suicide letters you wrote to your grandmother?


  • 1(A). Several times while testifying about the abuse by Travis Alexander, you’ve made comments like “as I understand it now” and “I’ve come to realize”. How has this realization come about?
  • 1(B). Were individuals involved in helping you come to these realization?
  • 1(C). Tell us who they are and what their professions may be.
  • 1(D). You were recalling times of memory loss with Travis Alexander. How is it possible you remember such details from those days if you had a foggy memory? (similar to #6)
  • 2. Is there anyone else who knows about your memory issues?
  • 5 (A). Would you consider the event when Travis choked you a stressful event?
  • 5 (B). If yes, why do you recall the event so clearly?
  • 6. In the moments of stress or fog, how do you recall what happens in those moments if it effects your memory? (similar to #1D)
  • 9 (A). Regarding shaking, memory, foggy reaction: Do you always have a reaction as you described when someone corrects or challenges you?
  • 9 (B). Is this the same reaction you have when someone yells or raises their voice at you?
  • 15. Do you recall any of the injuries on Travis Alexander without looking at photos?
  • 43. How can you say you don’t have memory issues, if you can’t remember stabbing him so many times and slashing his throat?
  • 44 (A). Did Mr. Martinez make you shake during your testimony?
  • 44 (B).  If so please estimate a number of times this happened during this trial.
  • 49. Were you in the fog when you were kissing Ryan?

GAS (4 questions)

  • 8. What happened to the gas cans after the road trip in June of 2008?
  • 27. When you purchased gas at Arco in Pasadena, why didn’t you fill everything at the pump? Why three separate transactions?
  • 35. In testimony on 3/5/2013, you mentioned filling a 3rd gas can. When and where did you get this can? (similar to #38)
  • 38. Why would you hypothesize about a third gas can? (similar to #35)

INTERVIEWS (2 questions)

  • 33. You said one of your worst fears was for everyone to find out what was going on in your relationship. Then why would you talk to 48 hours or other news shows?
  • 34. You stated in the interview with Det. Flores that Travis Alexander liked to shave the old fashioned way. This would indicate a straight razor. Did Travis Alexander have or use one?

TRUTH/LIES (6 questions)

  • 7. Why were you afraid of the consequences if you killed Travis in self-defense?
  • 30. Why did you take so long to tell the truth? (similar to #32)
  • 32. Would you have decided to tell the truth if you never got arrested? (similar to #30)
  • 40. You say you waited two years to tell the truth because you were ashamed. Does that mean you are no longer ashamed?
  • 41. In the story of a man and woman attacking Travis you mentioned talking to him. You also mentioned Travis being on all fours. Do you recall any of those things?
  • 45. After all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?

INCIDENTS OF ABUSE (6 questions)

  • 3 (A). Did Travis’ roommates ever hear these altercations to your knowledge? (similar to #11)
  • 3 (B). To your knowledge, did anyone else hear your altercations?
  • 4. You have testified about several incidents where Travis Alexander was physical to you. Were you ever physical to Travis Alexander besides when you killed him?
  • 11. During these altercations, why didn’t you just scream in hopes that someone would hear you and come help you? (similar to #3A)
  • 28. During testimony about the abuse by Travis Alexander, you made comments like as I see it now, etc. Have you utilized professional help? (similar to #39)
  • 39. You stated you didn’t get professional help when dealing with your issues, yet yesterday you mentioned you talked to a psychiatrist about the issues with Travis.  Which one is true? (similar to #28)

** Missing Question #47.

  1. JanCorey says:

    So far, Ms. Arias has proved all the television shows wrong by taking the stand and making the prosecution appear so foolish.


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