Turner Broadcasting’s truTV is cutting back on In Session, the channel’s daytime court news coverage, according to a spokesperson for the channel.  Instead of airing live for six hours each weekday, In Session will now air for only two, and in a new format.  In Session currently airs from 9AM-3PM every weekday, but will shift to 9AM-11AM on March 4th. In Session anchor Vinnie Politan will anchor the new two-hour format.  A handful of production positions have been eliminated.  In Session is the last vestige of Court TV, which truTV replaced in 2008. In 2009 In Session shifted its production from New York to Atlanta, with HLN taking over programming responsibility for the block.

I used to be a huge fan of CourtTV, the predecessor of TruTV, it was nothing like it has become today.  It actually taught you something and had balanced coverage.  Can’t imagine that?  It has been a very, very long time since those days.

I still love to watch trials and learn about the criminal justice system.  But, this program is hurting America’s understanding of trials and twisting it into a distorted reality TV show.  They are nothing more than hate mongering, mob mentality boosting pundits now.

I struggle to even watch trials on TV these days (thank goodness for live streaming online!).  Every 5 seconds, they are on the screen sensationalizing something, sometimes over top of the trial!!  They don’t recognize that these are real people and real problems in society.  No, it is more important for them to get a chance to show off their acting skills (FYI, they need a few lessons).  They no longer allow you even 1 minute to absorb what you’ve heard to make up your own mind, no they are in your ear from the first second. It is actually tragically funny how ridiculous they get and people still take them seriously (most of the time it is just scary though).

They are a large contributor to the bully mentality infecting our country.  I wish that people could care and learn about the reality of the justice system (not this tabloid bull crap, so called  “entertainment”).  The law is the foundation of our country and important to everyone’s life.

This channel is no longer capable of showing the genuine facts (it hasn’t been for some time), they enjoy partaking in some imaginative aggrandizement instead. Its coverage isn’t about freedom of press or starting a national conversation or getting to the truth, it’s about money, period.  These people are detrimental to everyone’s rights with their oppressive, antagonistic, pro-prosecution, one-sided bias view of all cases.

Bottom line, and this is what they really care about:  HLN gets higher ratings, on average, during trials than TruTV does.  HLN and TruTV are owned by the same company (who also owns CNN).  They share studios, anchors, and guests.  It just makes sense financially for a corporation to cut off its low profit parts.

I know they won’t stop debasing trials and people for profit until they absolutely have to.  This severe cutdown is just one-step (cross your fingers) to ultimate elimination, if they can’t get their ratings back up.

I say Good Riddance!!!!

  1. janice says:

    i too miss in session and a lot of my favorite news team. however i still enjoy HLN and continue to watch every show up till after dark.i have served as a juror and i truly enjoyed it. i just do not understand why race seems to enter so many trials and how we here so much from groups and individuals that get involved after the tragedy has all ready occurred.. crime is not a color, nor does it belong in any trial. we need to focus on who and why and let our system work for all involved, we may not agree on the outcome but rioting is not an answer,it shows our children a side of violence they should not be exposed to..our justice system is fair remember our citizens are the ones sitting on the jury each and every day deciding on who is guilty or not. i have zero tolerance for anyone that knowingly breaks the law there is no reason for committing a crime against another human being its just wrong the criminals waste our time our money take away our freedom because we are required as a civic duty to sit in a court room as a juror sometimes for weeks away from our lives that are just as important away from work which in most states you lose wages away from family friends sometimes you have to put your life on hold for someone who has chosen a path that is reckless now how fair is that? my friend who also has served sees it as he has to do time for a crime he has not committed by being in that courtroom for days on end while his life is moving on without him he feels the criminal is taking so much from him that it angers him everytime he is called for jury duty.i will be glad to serve again. i enjoy putting criminals away and hope they can learn from their bad ways that this is not the way to go. if you do the crime you should do the time.

    • While I agree with the beginning of the first part of your opinion (minus HLN), the last part seems a little scary. You seem to imply that your friend and you feel angry when called for jury duty and put it all on the defendant as a “criminal”. I hope that you and your friend don’t mean it that way because if you do, you should not be serving on juries. It is in fact an obvious violation of juror rules to use emotion, especially self-serving emotions about your life, against any party in a criminal trial.

      The defendant is a person accused of a crime, they are innocent until proven guilty because they may in fact be innocent. Yes, your time is taken away, but you do not know it isn’t taken away by a person facing false accusations from the government until you hear all the evidence. If you were a defendant or your loved one, like a child or spouse or even your friend, I’m sure you would want a real fair trial and not one where all the jurors are mad that they are there and blame you for the government accusing you.

      While I understand that you enjoy putting criminals in prison in the hopes of reformation, I hope that you understand that not all defendants are indeed guilty and on top of that not all crimes are actually crimes (i.e. I’ve seen accidents and suicides charged as murders, etc.) That is what a trial is for, like you said, citizens check the government and evaluate the evidence. The media does enough destruction on our justice system with their automatic guilt point of view.

      If your innocent you shouldn’t do the time, but too many innocent people are both subjected to and convicted of crimes they didn’t commit, but don’t worry, if your acquitted and the media learns about it, you’ll serve time for a crime you didn’t commit outside of jail.

  2. Nottellinya says:

    Can’t stand HLN anymore – esp Nancy Grace who I used to like to watch – she yells & cuts off all her guests. That Taffy guy has so much patience, God bless that man, I would of told her to kiss off. I can’t believe he comes back on. They are all knocking Zimmerman & have their blinders on. I want to hear all the facts. Its ridiculous how they are keeping out Martins past. What was he REALLY up to that night. Why all the calls to that Dee Dee Diamond chick. Sounds like a dope drop to me. That’s my opinion.

    • I used to watch Nancy Grace as well before. During the Casey Anthony case is when I realized what HLN really was. I could never have imagined it being as bad as it is, so prejudicial, inflammatory, and just a flippant disregard for facts and human beings. I watch trials online as much as I can to avoid them. I cannot stomach the rudeness, vanity, lies, and greedy intent and the out-and-out bullying of anyone who disagrees with them. News programs, such as CourtTV, the predecessor to TruTV, HLN’s sister station, used to teach us the facts about the law and now it is all about people’s looks, for example, people’s hairstyles and how that tells us they are guilty. As ridiculous as that sounds, they actually have talked about that. Justice is a noble pursuit about truth and equality as well as mercy and fairness. They couldn’t understand these if it smacked them in the face. I agree, in this case, that the toxicology reports should have come in because I’ve never seen a case where it doesn’t come in. It is standard information given to a jury. Also, George Zimmerman stated that he thought Martin was on drugs and this directly corroborates that. It can be exculpatory and therefore should have been given to the jury, so they could weigh that. I thought it was more probative than prejudicial. Nobody should be making judgments on Trayvon Martin based upon drug usage, but it is important to fully understand his possible state of mind.

  3. Vickey says:

    You know this world is becoming so sad ! Because everyday I couldn’t wait until the next trial,but now every channel you turn to they are showing some kind of “Reality Show” . You know there are real things going on in this world ! You know everyone is not into “Reality Junk”

    Please come back Court TV

  4. Joe Warren says:

    Tru TV should change its name to Trash TV. Awful, staged, trashy programming.

  5. Judy Martinez says:

    I used to enjoy Court TV, with all true stories similar to ID channel. Then it changed to TruTV, and programming was awful. As for HLN, the commercials are every 3-4 minutes. Not worth watching anymore. Bring back In Session, and Court TV.

  6. Kathy says:

    BOYCOTT HLN and CNN until they bring IN SESSION back and get rid of the other stupid reality programs… I watch In Session then turn to something else and its none of their channels. I will hear the Arias verdict when it hits local news, won’t watch their shows with all the pausing, (they have bills to pay) well CBS, NBC, and ABC have bills to pay too, but we don’t see commercial’s every few minutes. The Commentator’s are just jokes too, they were Attorney’s etc, must not have been very good or they wouldn’t be on tv.making a fool of themselves, and Nancy Grace is the worst…LMAO!

  7. Lucille says:

    How stupid do you think the American public is? We don’t need all the commentary and opinions. I would like to watch it as a juror sees it. And btw HLN, you really don’t have to tell us that you’re hitting the pause button to stop the action and then tell us you’re hitting the play button to go back into the courtroom every time you go to commercial or blah, blah with the panel!! Bring back Court TV and stop with your panel opinions and biases. Really!

  8. Judy mickol says:

    I’m so sorry I got started with this Jodi arias trial. Hln is a joke and once this trial is over will never watch this channel again commercials are ridiculously out of control and I’m tired of hearing about the pause button. We need someone to step up to the plate and bring back court tv

    • S Hausman says:

      I agree! I have had to put HLN on mute unless the trial is on. I have viewed the trial as a juror would view without the constant smiling faces of HLN reporters.

  9. Snarkygirl says:

    Please return TruTv back to its origins – CourtTV. Now we have to watch commercials interspersed with a trial.

  10. Carole grochowski says:

    Bring back in/session. HLN is awful. Too many commercials.

  11. Ted says:

    Now that they started pausing and running commercials, it is stupid. No longer a news show about our courts, just another scripted show. Takes 8 hours to view what used to take 2 hours. That profit thing again!

  12. JeffinMass says:

    I think that it COMPLETELY SUCKS that CNN has made this decision. By airing real live court trials it shows our real judicial system working. TRUETV is AWEFULL!!! Pure B.S. The folks who brought us CourtTV should be up all night seeing what has happened to their program.

  13. James K. Davis says:

    Bring back Court TV or at least keep In Session on in an extended format with same on air
    personalities. It’s a damn shame how this was handled. No regard or respect for loyal viewers.
    It appears that HLN thinks more about airing commercials than fragmented viewing. Commercials pay the bills but I watch In Session for the Court Cases, not to be overwhelmed with commercials and
    announcers telling me to stand by I won’t miss a thing. Tru-TV is nothing but trash I never have and
    never will watch it’s programs other than court cases. I used to hold HLN in a higher regard, but after this week I’m not sure. Sounds like I’m not alone.


    • I used to believe HLN was legitimate until I opened up my eyes to the truth. They are a corporation and their concern is making money, period. Care about the viewers? If they cared about their viewers they would tell them the truth. If they brought back CourtTV I would love it, people would actually learn something and understand the justice system. Maybe it would undue the damage they’ve done. CourtTV was very educational, TruTV’s version was completely the opposite. If they had different people on, other than Vinnie Politan, Christie Paul, Mike Brooks, etc. people might actually get more than just their shrieking opinions, maybe some facts!

  14. karen purcell says:

    i too agree…Why cut off in session?? I don’t watch it anymore…

  15. Chris says:

    Stupid stupid stupid.
    Continue to Dumb Down the American public with so called “reality TV”.
    Say what you want but In Session is the only true REALITY TV there is.
    Live trials like Jody Arias and Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson are fascinating and the only way 99% of the public can participate in our judicial system.

  16. I'mdonewithyou says:

    HOW PATHETIC AND STUPID!!! So it is s more important to learn how to behave stupid then watching how our Judicial System works. This is the mentality of today…an education for our youth to watch…how to act and behave stupidly and that it is ok!!! SAD…SO SAD!! Stupid is as stupid does!! I have been watching Court TV all the way back when it was called CourtTV. Now it has come to this? Tru TV IS pathetic without the court cases. Just plain dumb and stupid!!! I agree with James…Better still bring back Court TV if you want to increase your ratings.
    I will not watch Tru-TV again and have heard the same from many friends. You people need to
    get your act together. How about a little more respect for your viewers. My advice to you head honchos bring CourtTV back. I put you in the category of STUPID ACTS and STUPID BEHAVIOR!!!
    SO LONG!!!

  17. Sarita says:

    TruTV has really sunk to an all time low. Cutting the hours in the middle of the Arias trial for All Worked Up and Lizard Lick Towing???? I liked the In Session lawyer commentary. It was great fun having that on in the background while working.

    • To make more money they have consolidated the coverage on HLN. When CourtTV turned into TruTV, the company moved the studios to GA and put HLN in charge. It really doesn’t make financial sense for the company to have the same exact program on HLN and TruTV (they shared: studios, hosts, guests, bosses, everything). I look for them to completely get rid of it on TruTV, bar any change to the program that would increase viewers, and just put trials on HLN. CNN, HLN, and TruTV are all owned by the same corporation. I would love for them to bring back balanced coverage and knowledgeable insight, bar that, they have no place talking about real people or the courtroom.

    • I'mdonewithyou says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!

    • Maggie Battle-Smith says:

      I agree with you Sarita. TruTV has hit an all time low!!! And I don’t like the way HLN is presenting this trail either , too many interuptions, too much commentary.

  18. C Zaring says:

    We want to see the courtroom. Not those other ridiculous programs that I dread and instantly flip away from on dark days for the courts. PLEASE!!! At least I stand to LEARN something in watching how the legal system works (or doesn’t) PLEASE!! I’ve watched (listened to) all 6 hours for years now while working on a computer from home. DON’T TAKE IT AWAY!! PLEASE!!

  19. James K. Davis says:

    I enjoyed In Session and coverage of the trials presented. However, I detest the continous
    commdrcials and bloviations by the various host and contributors. It’s like the commercials are
    primary and the trial secondary. HLN is worse than tru-tv when it comes to commercial interruptions.
    Tru TV is pathetic without the court cases. Just plain dumb and stupid. I guess there is an
    audience for this type of programming. I just hope it is a very small one. Bring back the extended
    coverage of trials on Tru-TV. Better still bring back Court TV if you want to increase your ratings.
    I will not watch Tru-TV again and have heard the same from many friends. You people need to
    get your act together. How about a little more respect for your viewers.

    J.K. Davis

  20. A redneck in Virginia says:

    What in the world are you people thinking?!!! Without any warning or notice, you switched off Jodi for redneck tow trucks?!! What are you: the new redneck “neck-work?” This is another “trial of the century,” right up there with O.J.’s in 1994. It’s got everything but apparently not enough profit for you. Millions of people want to watch it, and HLN is so full of commercials and inappropriate breaks that it’s maddening. And your experts were true legal experts, not like the HLN talking heads who know nothing except wanting to hear themselves breathlessly talk about what’s “coming up next!” Ridiculous.

  21. Jeanne Bradley says:

    I am sooooo sad to hear this change in schedule! Trial coverage is fascinating and stimulating. I love all of the anchors and reporters for TruTV. Their commentary adds a lot to the coverage for sure. PLEASE reconsider and put back the old format.

  22. Sandy Pistolesi says:

    Sorry but husband and I like watching trials over any of the junk being broadcast as reality type “true” events across all the channels. Bring it back to its original format.

    • If you like watching reality then you should go back and watch TruTV in the 90s when it was CourtTV, because In Session is just junk “true” events that you don’t like. I hope they eventually cancel the whole thing. It pains me to say that because CourtTV was so informative years and years ago.

  23. lynnmarieo says:

    Why are you cutting back to 2 hours of In Session? You can’t follow trials with only 2 hours. You show crappy shows instead of real live trials. People need to see real life stories and not so much reality shows.

    • They’re cutting back because they want you to watch their terrible sister channel, HLN. See real life stories? In Session shows something that is really happening, but then they falsify it with their opinions. If you want to know what is really happening in the criminal justice system research it because you won’t see any of these “news” people telling you the truth. The days of CourtTV being informative went out with the new millennium. There are so many better shows and resources that will tell you the truth, too bad they aren’t beamed to every household.

      • I'mdonewithyou says:

        Yeah, sad. I loved CourtTV. Wish it would come back. Way too many crappy reality shows. I’m truly so done with these type of shows…garbage in garbage out!!! They are all so fake!!

      • Dee Dee says:

        You are so so so right. Besides the commercials HLN has every 4 minutes, their bias spews out at me. I need to keep a towel close by to wipe their B.S. off my face! They watched too much of their own WORLDS DUMBEST!!!!!!!!! Please keep me posted where, when and if I can watch the Zimmerman trial in full…

  24. Emily Dozier says:

    This decision absolutely SUCKS! I waited all weekend to see Arias on re-direct. Their choices of “reality” programming is awful. “Full Throttle”, “Pawn Stars”, etc. are too stupid to watch. Guess I’m through with Tru-TV.

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