She graduated in 1977 from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and obtained her J.D. from ASU in 1980.  After graduation, Sherry Stephens was an Assistant Attorney General in Arizona’s AG’s Office for 21 years.  She worked in the Organized Crime and Fraud Division.  She then became a judge in the Superior Court.  She started work in 2001 in the juvenile division.  Then she went to criminal court in 2004, then to family court in 2007, and back to criminal court (currently).

Judicial Biography – Maricopa County

Before being the presiding judge in the Jodi Arias trial, she had a celebrity in her courtroom, Mike Tyson (Check this site out for a picture).  Tyson was charged at the time with several counts of felony drug possession and paraphernalia possession and driving under the influence of drugs.

In the 2012 election, Judge Stephens was retained with 73% of the votes.

Here are a few articles that talk about her work as a AAG:

  1. Tami Bancroft says:

    SI hope and pray that Judge Stevens does not go easy on Jody. She’s lied on the stand. She is not a victim of abuse. I’ve been abused by women as well as men and to listen to Jody it angers me. I hope Juan continues with pinning Jody and Dr. Samuals down for truth. Please let’s all keep in mind the family of Travis he was the victim and I do not believe Jody what she says about him, its a lie. Travis seems to be a great guy.


    • Well, the family wouldn’t have to go through all of this, neither family, if Juan Martinez would have saved everyone the money and let Jodi Arias plead to 2nd degree murder before trial. I’ve seen articles complaining about how much taxpayers are paying for Jodi Arias’ defense, which first of all is extremely cold and unfair to say she doesn’t deserve a defense (how very anti-American and selfish), but I’ve also seen articles about Alexander’s family being extremely financially burdened by this (they are supposedly living on credit cards now). Juan Martinez is the one to blame for all of that.

      Why don’t we keep in mind that this isn’t about putting the victim on trial (that’s just a stupid media tagline), it is a self-defense case, the jury is deciding who the victim is. If you go into the case already thinking one thing, that isn’t just. I don’t know why people keep saying I don’t believe Jodi, I don’t believe Jodi, so what? What does that have to do with the layout of the scene or what Travis Alexander, himself, admitted on the phone recording? You don’t have to believe her, but that doesn’t change the other aspects of the case. We can hear from his own mouth what kind of guy he was. That in and of itself isn’t even important. So you don’t believe self-defense? That doesn’t automatically make it first-degree murder. It isn’t an A or B issue. There are elements the prosecution has to prove beyond the defense’s case. To me, sometimes it seems like Juan Martinez is trying to create reasonable doubt in the defense’s case, that’s not his job. He has a duty, if you want to take a person’s life you better be able to prove what you are saying. This is serious business.


    • Jim Watts says:

      You must not have listened to all the recorded phone calls. Great guys do NOT treat woman like whores! She is guilty but does not deserve death. Mr. Martinez is himself a self absorbed bully!
      Just because he screams does not make his point of view true!


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