Despite the outrage and actions of many including the public, Vinnie Politan, InSession anchors, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace, and others at the HLN Network, the system worked in the Casey Anthony case and there are reasons why the verdict was correct.

Casey Anthony was on trial, literally, for her life.  It was the epitome of important trials.  Getting it right meant a consequence that may have been impossible to take back if discovered to be wrong.  A jury spent about seven weeks or almost 2 months hearing the case from both sides and spent 11 hours or almost half a day deliberating the verdict.  Many people say that was not long enough to deliberate such important evidence and the jury didn’t even ask any questions.  One of the problems with this argument is that you aren’t taking into account the defense’s case as you are supposed to.  The defense did a very good job showing the flaws in the forensics of the case.  A jury deliberation of 11 hours is a good solid amount of time.  There have been verdicts in less than an hour before and no one says that those juries are lazy.  However, when the jury in the Casey Anthony case began deliberations many people could be heard stating it would be a quick verdict because of “overwhelming guilt”.  Isn’t it interesting how fast people change their tune?  I find it also interesting that fast guilty verdicts can properly vet the evidence, but slow not-guilty verdicts cannot.

The fact is that there is no basis to the assertion of either guilt or innocence on the length of deliberation.  You can find multiple sources that assert short verdicts are pro-prosecution and ones that state short verdicts are pro-defense.  A fast verdict could indicate sympathy with the defense or an overwhelming recognition of guilt. Perhaps it just means one side outperformed the other?

The jury found that the state had not proven their case beyond all and every reasonable doubt. Anthony was found “not guilty” of all the felony charges. She was found guilty only on the four counts of lying to police.

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HLN and many other news organizations continue to broadcast their bias as fact.  Some organizations have recently began to “soften” their coverage, but most have not.  Many people including Casey Anthony still, reportedly, receive threats to their lives, this includes her attorneys (or ex-attorneys).  Why are people okay with a person found not guilty being threatened?  Why are people okay with defense attorneys receiving death threats?  These people have a Constitutionally important job and if I were in trouble for something that I didn’t do I would want an attorney who actually, I know this is novel, but defends me.

InSession and HLN were able to fuel a mob mentality groupthink, which trickled down into other forms of media, including newspapers and social media.  The death of a small child is of course a contentiously passionate tragedy.


  1. This case that went to trial was not at all about the truth…it was about a Heinous-Murderer Story…and the jury was in the right place to SEE THAT. The key to a successful ILLUSION, is to never let the audience see you…the trick is to FOOL THEIR EYES and use their emotions to attach their focus to the ‘un-true illusion’ by removing proof of the TRUTH and replacing it with ‘covert slight of hand’ actions. In this case, the body that disappeared for 180 days AFTER her death occurred.


  2. Donia Thimons says:

    The problem I have with the Media (HLN) especialy Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell,etc, in the Casey Anthony retrospect..

    Nancy Grace as of July 21st 2008 JUDGED TOT MOM GUILTY., therefore GUILTY of Creating a PRE-JUDGED MOB Screeming MURDER without a dead body(Air in a Can) 3 years BEFORE THE ACTUAL TRIAL..and Nancy Grace Claims THE DEVIL WILL BE DANCING TONIGHT..when the NOT GUILTY Verdict announced bashing The Defense Champagne Celebration!

    The Mediatic eye should be banned from the United State Courts of Laws. HLN’s Dammage in Society created a New Breed of Haters! All for the LOVE of MONEY…is still UNJUSTIFIED almost 2 years after the verdict…when Death Threats are made still by Angry mobs Bloggers..

    HLN ‘s Freedom to alledge a bogus murder to sell Bogus Experts on Airwaives shawinigans for ratings is “CRIMINAL INTENT” while creating VIOLENCE in Orlando’s 9th courthouse doorsteps.


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