Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker slots Grace at No. 3 for the year. She ranks there on Tucker’s list:

1. “The Playboy Club” (NBC)

2. “Wilfred” (FX)

3.  Nancy Grace (HLN)

4.”Charlie Sheen and the media’s symbiotic craziness,” according to Tucker

5. “Charlie’s Angels.”

Hal Boedecker questioned:

“I always question mixing real events and fictional programming.” (in reference to Nancy Grace’s show being included with scripted programs).

Has Hal Boedecker ever seen Nancy Grace?  She’s completely fictional, she just happens to use real people’s names and images.

What of Grace? Tucker writes,

“Before she made a spectacle of herself on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ Grace made a monster of herself covering the Casey Anthony trial.”

Here’s the rest of what he had to say:

“Night after night, Grace hammered away at Anthony with a vituperation that undercut any sensible speculation about the accused’s guilt. The host’s worst sin was to make the crime of the accused seem less important than Nancy Grace herself.”

Orlando Sentinel | EW


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