I watched the Casey Anthony case from beginning to end and learned a lot of important lessons.

1. Screen your media sources and COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.
2. Most journalism is now rating obsessed sensationalism.
3. A lot of people in America don’t even know the basics of law.
4. People are quicker to hate than show compassion.
5. A lot of people have too much time on their hands.
6. Ratings = Exploitation.
7. People like to complain but do nothing to make a difference.
8. Nothing is as simple as it seems.

The scariest thing I saw and heard was the mob of people standing outside the courthouse in Orange County, Florida with signs reading “Post-Abortion for Caylee is Wrong” and “12 Jurors are guilty of murder”.  Protestors saying things like Casey should be re-tried, the jurors should have used social media to render their verdict, and “legal analysts” saying we should all feel comfort in knowing Casey Anthony will never know love. It was suggested by one “expert” that we should ostracize Casey from society.

You have got to be out of your mind! These people should read the Constitution once in awhile.  The system wasn’t created for our entertainment nor was it created to be looked at as some kind of formality or for its reasoning and logic to be ignored.  They want to practice convenient law, we keep our rights, or at least they do, and Casey Anthony after a fair trial and a verdict that they don’t like should be put to death? We are all citizens to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and we all better hope these people don’t get their way because trial by jury will turn into trial by popular tweet!!!!  And face it, you could be the next Aphrodite Jones special or Nancy Grace rant.




  1. F. Z. says:

    My opinion:

    1. TA was mentally very sick in the relationship.
    2. The relatiohship was not just sick, it was toxic.
    3. There is 60% chance that Jodi is innocent.
    4. Yet, she may face death. Is this America?


  2. Mary says:

    You are a voice of reason in a vast sea of insanity. I watched Casey’s trial start to finish. I never bought the prosecution’s theory from day one.
    I cried when the verdict came in, tears of joy and relief that Casey would not be executed. It was sad though, I had no one to share that with because I didn’t know a soul who didn’t want to crucify her.
    Now a similar thing is happening to Jodi Arias. As I write this, the jury is deciding her fate. In this case, I don’t think it’s going to be a good ending. This jury was not sequestered and I suspect HLN, Nancy Grace and social media contributed to their decision.
    I feel so sorry for the next victim of the talking heads on HLN.


  3. Lydianette says:

    i didn’t know much about the case until the trial started. i never felt she killed her child and i agree, she was so young and her baby died. then she’s indicted for murder. one question: once casey knew her father had thrown her to the wolves, why didn’t she say something and drag him down with her?


    • She couldn’t say anything about what happened without giving up her right to remain silent. Her attorneys had to get that information as best they could. The police were not interested in anybody, but her. They definitely were not interested in George Anthony. Jeff Ashton needed him as the witness to see Caylee with Casey. George Anthony made a lot of suspicious statements (i.e. he admitted to the FBI and Jeff Ashton in a deposition that he created the Jay Blanchard Park story in a brainstorming session with the family, minus Casey). They had to push suspicion away from him to strengthen their case. It wasn’t about an investigation for the truth, it was a strategic move by the police and prosecutors to get her for what they theorized happened. A lot of the things that happened to her in this case are not unique to her, they have happened in other cases.


  4. I am very glad I found this website. Unfortunately, the vast, vast majority of information on the web is no different from HLN or Nancy Grace hate mongering. I wonder if the public realizes that whatever problems they may have in their lives, no money, relationships issues, etc… that it is not the fault of either Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias?


  5. kelly teddrick says:

    Thanks for telling me about innocenceproject. I will be looking at this also.


  6. kelly teddrick says:

    Casey’s case has very much upset me! I’m worried if she wins these cases coming up that ppl will be more mad and her life be in even more danger. Don’t look like nancy grace is going to stop dogging Casey. She is keeping the fire going!! I feel so very very sad for Casey! Plz let me know if I can help her!


    • I do not personally know Casey Anthony, so I would say the best thing you can do right now is pray for her. You can also do what you are doing right now, expressing your First Amendment right in support of her. I would also recommend visiting my friends over at http://caseyanthonyisinnocent.com/. If you want to help the wrongfully convicted please visit http://www.innocenceproject.org/.


      • kelly teddrick says:

        Thank you! I’m very happy to find this si[te] and also Caseyisinnocent si[te]. I haven’t said a lot but I do try to read and learn. I always stick up for Casey to everyone. I believe I have opened a couple ppls eyes. I always tell how I feel about nancy grace and media lies. It has made some really look more at what is happening with making someone guilty before court!! Seams ppl believe news as truth. I have got some ppl rethinking this.
        I’m glad to meet everyone for Casey everyone seams great! Marry X-Mas and a great year ways pray for Casey everyday. I believe God is the greatest power of all! Al[mighty] God be with you all!


  7. Joyce says:

    It is too bad for Casey that he MIND may be more powerful than the truth in regards to what she knows happened on Friday the 13th…People hate Casey because of the ‘heinousness they imagine’.


    • Joyce says:

      To the list of lessons in the introduction, (at that ‘moment’ when you ‘throw the pieces on the floor”; add this one from my sister) “Don’t believe everything you think!” [her words-of-wisdom, came to me, weeks after the trial verdict; 2 years after her passing]

      That one ‘exercise’ CAN allow others to “move the ‘F’ on” …to see there IS another perspective of the EVENTS that does NOT include murder…It is Casey’s perspective.

      So, the trial I will hope to see in George’s future, is the one following his arrest for extortion, coercion and moving the body of a dead child from where the death ‘event’ took place, for the purpose concealing his involvement in a Heinous-Murder Plot, that implicated another person.

      Is there such a thing as that? Ok, I guess that was a gynormus pipe-dream.


      • It’s wishful thinking Joyce, hate to break it to you. The OCSO have closed their investigation, like in so many other cases of acquittal or exoneration, the defendant remains as their perpetrator. Rarely are these investigations reopened, almost never in a high-profile case. They wouldn’t want to look bad. As much as Ashton has insisted that he respects the jury’s verdict, what he really means is what Nancy Grace says, which is I respect their interpretation, but prosecutors are never wrong. I have caught the rare glimpse of the prosecutor who admits they are wrong, but it is as elusive as Bigfoot and their coworkers, like the police get really mad at them. If they admit they are wrong even in cases in which it is obvious, they will lose the image they have so carefully created in the media, truth seeker. That is why they fight you when you appeal, that is why they retry you over and over again, that is why they won’t reopen wrong investigations, that is why they try to block exonerations, refuse DNA testing, that is why they try to not compensate the wrongfully convicted, that is why they don’t admit they are wrong, they usually say, there just isn’t enough evidence, I’ve even heard them say maybe they were the real perpetrator’s accomplice! They do these things because it is their job to convict people and keep them in jail, not let people out. To them once you go to prison, it no longer matters whether you did it, they convinced 12 people you did and that’s that. It’s easier to go to prison then it is to get out especially if you are innocent.


  8. Jon says:

    During this trial I saw just how cruel people could be. It amazes me. I feel so sorry for Casey. When Casey was released that night some of those horrible people in florida even brought their own children and shouted horrible things at her. They even chased the car she left in. Florida stiil wont let up and its been more than a year after the trial. My heart breaks for Casey.


    • You are not alone in that assessment.

      It’s funny to me how people can run around saying we need to stop bullying and then participate in it. Way to send your children mixed messages. What people did, the way they acted was bullying on a grand scale and I hope they know that their children were watching.


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