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Jodi Arias (above), who is currently awaiting her September sentencing for a first-degree murder conviction, did not file a lawsuit against Maricopa County, Arizona’s controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio for contracting Hepatitis C in his custody.  TMZ and other Internet sites reported that Arias filed a lawsuit saying she was given a Tuberculosis vaccine in custody and the needle was not properly sanitized.  Jennifer Willmott, one of Arias’ lawyers, said the lawsuit is completely false.

Everyone should have suspected it as a fake, according to Willmott.  The return address listed Arias as being at the 4th Avenue jail in Pheonix, but she is being held at the Estrella Jail.  The signature on the lawsuit does not match Jodi Arias’ signature, which can be seen on her driver’s license.  The lawsuit is filed without her attorneys.

The lawsuit also alleges that Arias was denied medical care after her breast implant leaked, among other claims.  The lawsuit states that Nancy Grace colluded with Arpaio.  The lawsuit alleges that Arpaio intercepted sexual letters between Arias and the cousin of Travis Alexander, her ex-boyfriend, whom she was convicted of killing, and leaked them to Grace.  The lawsuit requests a restraining order against Grace and Arpaio because they are preventing her from getting a fair trial.

Arpaio seems to think the lawsuit is real saying, “Nothing surprises me with her.  She’s just angry…because…I stopped all the media from going to jail to interview her.”  He claims the lawsuit is Arias’ way of getting more media attention.

You still hear people today questioning why Cindy Anthony didn’t get charged with perjury for “lying” and saying that she did the chloroform search.  People, including the media, often point to the comments of Jeff Ashton and the visible shock of the prosecution team in court, but these facts just make what really happened even stranger.  People believe that Cindy Anthony never said that she did the searches before that day (many media outlets told people this as well) and many of those people blame Casey Anthony’s acquittal partly on this.  Media outlets, right after her testimony, even claimed that she “weakened” the first-degree murder charge because of her “brand new” testimony.  The thing that baffles me the most about this discussion was that Cindy Anthony always denied that she made a search on ‘how to make chloroform’, she just said that she made searches for chlorophyll and chloroform came up on the search results page.

On Good Morning America, June 24th, 2011, Nancy Grace, like most media “experts”, said that Cindy Anthony was just trying to save her daughter’s life and that the defense put her at risk for perjury charges.  “…If they have her computer records, they’re going to be able to show she was absolutely at work and if the defense set her up for a perjury charge, it’s on them…”  What Nancy Grace is referring to is that the defense brought out in testimony that Cindy Anthony said she did the chlorophyll searches that turned into chloroform.  Now, it is important to remember here how attorneys from both sides learn information.  They learn it through investigation and that mostly comes from talking to people.  In this case, the most important document to remember is the deposition.

Jeff Ashton, one of the prosecutors on the Casey Anthony case, was asked by NBC’s Today Show on July 6, 2011, after the verdict if there could be perjury charges against Cindy Anthony, he responded, “I think there could be. That will be a decision made by another branch of our office.”  He was also asked whether he would personally make that decision, he responded,  “I honestly don’t know. That would be a very, very difficult decision to make. As a prosecutor — I’ve been a prosecutor for 30 years — I hate to say this, but you’re somewhat accustomed to family members trying to help their fellow family members. So you’re kind of used to that.  This, of course, was a rather important, you know, deception, if you will, that obviously was proven to be so by the other evidence. What they do with it is going to be a difficult decision that I’m glad I don’t have to make.”

In several interviews after that, he implied that he had no idea that Cindy Anthony was going to say she made the chloroform “searches” (even though it is really only 1 search).  On the same day as the Today Show interview, People Magazine quoted Jeff Ashton as saying, “The main thing that went through my head was, ‘Why are you doing this now? Now I have to go through the process of impeaching your testimony.’ With the exception of that issue, Cindy had always been pretty honest about things.”  He also called her testimony that she did the searches, “annoying”.  (more…)

While surfing the Internet for updates on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, I discovered an interesting piece of research on Nancy Grace.  Apparently, she wants to join in on the race-relations discussion surrounding the case.  On July 12, 2013, Nancy Grace said, verbatim:

(Referring to Mark O’Mara’s closing argument)

“Let him get back to his life. Give him back his life. Give George Zimmerman back his life. To Frank Taaffe, good friend and representative for George Zimmerman.   Give Zimmerman back his life? He`s out on bond, driving through Taco Bell every night, having a chura. You know, long story short, he`s got his life. Who`s going to give life back to Trayvon Martin? I find that, at the very least, a very poor choice of words, Mr. Taaffe.”

George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white-Hispanic or whatever other new race the media made up to cover up their false reporting in the beginning.  I don’t think it was Mark O’Mara who had the poor choice of words and obviously your spokesperson agreed Nancy.  A rep for HLN insisted that Grace was only referencing an interview she conducted on July 9th in which Taaffe and her discussed George Zimmerman’s weight gain.  I personally don’t believe that.

“…the defense arguing Zimmerman`s too obese, too fat to commit murder. Zimmerman secretly eating his way to a not guilty verdict?”

“Is the new defense going to be that George Zimmerman is simply too fat, too obese to commit murder?  OK, take a look at what — oh! Ouch! Country gravy, hash browns, biscuit, jelly, Mexican corn tortilla, mac and cheese, cornbread, cake, beverage — some of the things that are — he has been ordering — root beer barrels at 1,200 calories, strawberry pop tarts, 1,000 calories, Tostito chips, PB&J, cheddar popcorn, chocolate cream cookies, buffalo wings.  Wow, country — crunchy Cheetos, corn chips, Jolly Ranchers, Twix, peanut M&Ms, peanut butter cheese crackers, Grandma`s Chocolate Chip Cookie, lemonade, fruit punch.  Has nobody heard of bottled water around here? So 10,000 total calories.  Don`t laugh yet, everybody. Don`t laugh yet.”

The real problem with this segment, entitled Zimmerman Packs on Pounds Behind Bars is that he wasn’t in jail, he was on house arrest at the time.  He was released 3 days prior to this episode.    (more…)